William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I took Train back to the vet today because he had a swollen eye. They wiped him off and forced his eyes open, causing lots of liquid escape. I guess. I was looking the other way at that point because I'm squeamish.

Anyway. This doesn't actually mean he can see now. But his face is a lot cleaner and not swollen, although his eyes are very, very pink. Vet says he has conjunctivitis. Apparently for cats, this can be a life-long thing. I asked if he would always be blind and they said it was uncertain but maybe, possibly. They used 'kamoshirenai'... does anyone know what kind of likelihood that indicates precisely? I've always associated a 20%-30% chance of something happening (or not) with that word, so...

I'm exhausted. Heading to the supermarket now.
Tags: train

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