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04 August 2006 @ 23:39
I completely forgot to tell Yuki that living in Japan right now is like being in an episode of MushiKing. I won't be able to forgive myself if she's carried off at Narita Airport by those big black butterflies that are roughly the size of a BMW. I can't believe Yuki's here in less than a day and then it's Tenimyu time! Time to relax! I've missed that lately... I'm so jealous of you Squeefest people!

Could anyone tell me anything about the Death Note novel "Another Note"? I saw it in the shops today and it looked new. The first chapter was called "L"... He was on the cover too. I didn't want to stand-read any further because I haven't read the entire series yet. Anyone?

Speaking of which, I want this...

Nintendo DS Death Note game (Link from Moonphase)

Also from Moonphase:
Red Garden. An interesting premise, plus it's got Koyasu Takehito-san in it (not as a main role). I'd wondered where he'd got to!
lpatobe on 4th August 2006 13:09 (UTC)
I'm so jealous of you Squeefest people

And vice versa
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th August 2006 21:58 (UTC)
Surely not?
Unseelie: l - heart heartunsee1ie on 4th August 2006 13:22 (UTC)
Wow! Any further newsing about that Death Note novel would be devoured by me, at least; I know nothing about it.
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th August 2006 21:59 (UTC)
Unfortunately, I can't tell you any more than that. I have to get through a further twelve (?) volumes before I can read it!
Mami: farf four wallsmami_san on 4th August 2006 16:20 (UTC)
Takehito *has* been rather quiet lately, hasn't he? o_O Thanks for the little update on him... I'd started worrying he'd left the business or something.

(I wonder if seiyuus make good money?)

mmm... Japan...

Ah~ Another random note, but thanks for translating Weiß Side B. I've had some of the Japanese volumes since October but I've been entirely too lazy to sit down with a dictionary and read them, and then suddenly I remembered that you would have such things. XD
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th August 2006 22:01 (UTC)
He had a regular part with Yakitate, but he seemed to disappear after that. He doesn't seem like the type to give up showbusiness though.

No worries... but no promises about accuracy either. ^^