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06 August 2006 @ 10:49
yuki_scorpio arrived safely! We spent something like one minute at the apartment and then dashed to a fireworks festival in Ichikawa. It was pretty crowded, but we didn't have to queue long for shaved ice (there were so many people, they had almost run out of syrup!).

...Then Denny's...

...then karaoke...

...then crashed back at the apartment at something like 2.30am.

I'm so tired and I have to work now.
Pez }}morning.maple{{yuki_scorpio on 10th August 2006 09:43 (UTC)
I got the toujitsuken this morning! ^3^ *squee* It seems like that this time round the actors generally just don't wave goodbye to audience when they leave... nobody even bothers to wait at the stairs, just at the side entrance where they board their taxis to go :(

I'm not sure what time I'll go to Comiket, probably not the morning since I'm kinda exhausted... but I'll get your no. from Kat and try to call you when I'm there~ if the call is cut off then I know you're on the train or already at the myu or something?

Not sure about Saturday yet... gonna look up more info on the event now :3 let you know later?