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07 August 2006 @ 22:42
Aggh! So tired! Except not. I only feel tired during the day, but when night falls and I actually have a chance to make a decision about whether to go to bed or not, I totally fail. Yes, let's watch more Nerima Daikon Brothers. We TOTALLY should, even though it's 2am and we were at karaoke the night before until 2.30am. So dead...

Right now, I don't think I'm that tired. Maybe. Too much fun to stop, I guess!

Anyway, it was another great evening. Kimeru's 3 minute cooking, SmapxSmap and NDB followed by plotting what we're going to do on Wednesday. I think we're checking out one of the cafes in Ikebukuro and maybe Joypolis and Fuji TV in Odaiba... Must look that up. After poking around, I've found two cross-dressing cafes. Awesome.


One word before I go: Nyanagi.
Pez }}morning.maple{{: Shirota & Yanagi - \(^_^)/yuki_scorpio on 7th August 2006 14:22 (UTC)
Yes, more Daikon. And cooking. And Nyanagi, please.:3
Williamgenkischuldich on 7th August 2006 14:23 (UTC)
Okay! Don't forget DDBoys.

Also, I plan to head off soon once I save all these maps to butler cafes to my camera. Five mins?
Pez }}morning.maple{{: Shirota - car insuranceyuki_scorpio on 7th August 2006 14:24 (UTC)
okay 8D

*goes for another strawberry milk*
Williamgenkischuldich on 7th August 2006 14:25 (UTC)
Addictive, aren't they?

....All done!