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10 August 2006 @ 21:01
A more in depth report on Tenimyu now. You should definitely check out yuki_scorpio's report here at her own journal.

We were amongst the first in and so got through the merchandise section easily. They had photosets, pamphlet and kirakira mittens (with a new Rokkaku version). If you'd heard they sold out, don't worry! There are plenty of photosets. What they'd sold out of were the pamphlets from the previous musicals. There are definitely advantages to putting your merchandise booth INSIDE the venue!!

We passed the time watching a video of Shirota Yuu-san selling the DVD of the movie, plus a few behind-the-scenes sections. They seem to have recut the trailer to make a much better one than they were showing at Dream Live 3rd. There's much better music now and so it seems to move at a faster pace. Unfortunately, if my memory serves correctly, said music doesn't bear any resemblance to that used within the film. One of the evilest things about it is that the special edition, the regular edition and the rental edition seem to have different extras.

The musical opens with a dance number by Seigaku as 'interpretations' of tennis nets float above their heads. A match with Hiyoshi versus Ryouma soon follows. Kawai Ryuunosuke-kun was superb! He had all the movements down perfectly and his tennis poses looked so real. It reminded me of what I'd missed in DL3 and the reason I fell in love with Tenimyu (believe it or not, it wasn't the boys!). It was when they played tennis with lighting effects and broke off half-way to sing and dance about it.♥

One of the funniest bits was when Ooishi gets a text from Tezuka. He's SO excited and gets everyone to crowd around so they can all read Buchou's detailed instructions. A piece of staging slides out with Tezuka standing on it. The spotlight is on him and the music starts up.

"Yudan sezu ni ikou...!"

And then the staging slides back into place and Tezuka is gone. It was so funny! Pez and I have been randomly singing that one line ever since...

Another really funny bit was when Momo and Taka first meet Bane and Dabide. They bump into each other and Dabide is meant to catch the purin that one of them is eating on his super-long racket. What happened instead was that the 'purin' part fell out, with the cup still attached to the racket. Takagi Shinpei-kun looked surprised and like he was genuinely holding back laughter as he plopped the fake purin back in the dish. At this, everyone applauded very loudly as if Dabide really had caught it. There was more laughter as the cup was torn off the racket -- you could actually hear it come off, so the cup was very obviously attached! I wondered if this was a planned mistake, since there were problems with it in the performance Pez saw too... But apparently not.

Very soon, there's a match with Bane and Dabide. I absolutely adored both Shindou Gaku-kun and IRE-kun, but IRE-kun was the one that really held my attention. His puns were awesome and his body language was spot on. He and Gaku-kun sung as if they were really best friends and there was genuine chemistry between them. IRE-kun really shined. Definitely my favourite!

Somewhere before the intermission, there was "We Are The Hyoutei" which had an excellent performance from everyone, but particularly Kazuki-kun. Speaking of which, you're wondering how they could outdo DL3 Katou Kazuki in leather trousers, right? Believe me, they found a way.


He appears 'naked' on stage, tastefully hidden by the design of shower cubicle. Then he emerges, clad in a blue bathrobe. You have to see this!

Both Rokkaku and Hyoutei really seemed as if they had been friends for ages. There was this great song (Seasons) where Hyoutei adopted silly poses. I think Saitou Takumi-kun was the most skilled at this, but there were so many different places to look. There did seem to be a special chemistry between Ootori & Kabaji and Mukahi & Jirou. Ootori even rested his head on Kabaji's shoulder! Awww...

When the time for the curtain calls came, almost everyone fell to the floor as the curtain came down so they could wave for longer... At the final curtain call, Tezuka left his glasses on stage for Ryouma. When the whole cast came back, Ryouma put the glasses back on Tezuka. This made many people happy. ;)

The only sad thing was that we missed demachi. Or there wasn't one. A lot of people waited, but no one ever came out. Eventually someone told us it wasn't happening.

I still have that one line "Do you, do you remember?" in my head.

Random photos: Hanabi Taikai at Ichikawa // Train

(A lot of people have asked for photos of Train, but many of the earlier photos were just too sad.)
Rae: Nobu and Hachi// I smile for youguiltyschu on 10th August 2006 09:16 (UTC)
Wow, I can't wait to buy this musical. :D I'm one of the few people on the face of the planet that actually likes and cares about Rokkaku, so it's nice to hear that the musical is great!

Random- your dress is absolutely gorgeous. *_*
Williamgenkischuldich on 10th August 2006 09:23 (UTC)
Don't worry -- once the musical is available for download *cough* everyone will love Rokkaku. Especially Dabide/Bane. :P

Pez }}morning.maple{{yuki_scorpio on 10th August 2006 09:45 (UTC)
I'm in booth no.1! 8D
Williamgenkischuldich on 10th August 2006 09:50 (UTC)
Kazuki!! *sob*
Pez }}morning.maple{{: Kazuki - Rough Diamondyuki_scorpio on 10th August 2006 10:50 (UTC)
My heart sort of stopped when he looked at me and talked to me.

btw, I've done all I need to do and can go any time. No hurry though if you haven't finished, I can catch up with the friends list~
Williamgenkischuldich on 10th August 2006 11:02 (UTC)
I'm ready to go now. I was trying to find out about crease-proof fabrics because I'm very very sad. :P
lpatobe on 10th August 2006 12:01 (UTC)
You hair is the colour(s) of strawberry ice cream. He probably noticed!
lpatobe on 10th August 2006 12:03 (UTC)
Someone has been clothes shopping!

Train looks very comfortable there. He's been a lucky cat.

Williamgenkischuldich on 11th August 2006 08:33 (UTC)
He certainly is! But we found out the other day that 'he' is a 'she' from his habit of lying flat on his back and pretending to be dead. But we still call him 'he'... Err. I have no excuse for that.
Thomas Vye: Atobe Maxed Out Presencethomasvye on 10th August 2006 20:00 (UTC)
Great pictures - Train is gorgeous, bless his heart! XD

O_O I guess the only way the trousers could be beaten is to get 'em off, huh...:DDDDD
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th August 2006 08:36 (UTC)
Well, since he's 'naked' (I'm presuming that he does have some underwear on really or something), I guess they're kind of off.