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15 August 2006 @ 18:38
I saw Pez off at the airport yesterday morning and then went to work. ;_; Here are the promised reports...

First, some screenshots from the Sailor Moon musical. All of them feature Shirota Yuu-san (as Tuxedo Kamen), but not all of them are good. I've marked the better ones with a star [*].

All of them should open in a new window.

Mamo-chan 1 [*] // Mamo-chan 2 // Mamo-chan 3 // Mamo-chan 4 [*]
Mamo-chan 5 // Mamo-chan Blue 6 // Mamo-chan Bringing Food 7 // Mamo-chan Bringing Food 8 [*] //
Mamo-chan Removing Bandana 9 // Bad Photo 10 // Bad Photo 11 // Bad Photo 12
Tuxedo Kamen 13 // Tuxedo Kamen 14 // Tuxedo Kamen 15 // Tuxedo Kamen 16
Tuxedo Kamen 17 // Tuxedo Kamen 18 // Very Bad Photo 19 // Tuxedo Kamen 20
Tuxedo Kamen 21 [**]

Secondly, a report on the baby beer. At Kiddy Land in Harajuku we happened upon something named 'Yoiko no Beer'. Loosely translated, this means 'Beer for Good Kids'. It contains no alcohol, but a lot of sugar plus caramel colouring, sugar and something that makes it froth up to look like head. Did I mention sugar?

The bottle.

Apparently predicting the taste in advance and having watched the pool/billiards episode of Tennis no Oujisama, we played Guilty Gear Isuka. The loser had to drink Inui Juice Baby Beer.

This also involved cosplay.

A glass of baby beer.

It looks more or less like real beer. It tastes like sugar and brown colouring.

Hyoutei and Seigaku get drunk together.
Hyoutei and Seigaku play Guilty Gear together.
Hyoutei and Seigaku get really drunk together.

Speaking of Kiddy Land, when we went there we saw all kinds of cute Ghibli character goods. Of course, this included phone straps, which are things that dangle decoratively from your mobile phone. There was Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving castle in all their sparkly glory.

...And then there was a Hotaru no Haka ("Grave of the Fireflies") one. There's a little plastic figure of the younger sister on the end of it. WTF!?

Poll #796010 Grave of the Fireflies

It's a sparkly Grave of the Fireflies mobile phone strap!

That's stupid and horrible.
That's pretty funny, actually.
I don't really care.
I want it!!
Where's the ticky box?
reichsfreiherr on 15th August 2006 06:26 (UTC)
How about a polite, nervous laugh in response to that phone strap?
Williamgenkischuldich on 15th August 2006 06:27 (UTC)
Works for me. :)
Pez }}morning.maple{{: Shirota & sign - geniusyuki_scorpio on 15th August 2006 06:41 (UTC)

Mamo-chan is so cute :3

And Hyotei failed at Guilty Gear. Although, in my defense, that was the first time I ever played the game and had it been a PoT tennis game, I'd have totally pwned you guys :P
Williamgenkischuldich on 17th August 2006 06:53 (UTC)
Yes, let's! I'm totally in a musical mood, actually...!

Hey, I'm pretty good at all the Tenipuri games! I can seduce all of them really fast...
Pez }}morning.maple{{: Sanada - Tarundoru!yuki_scorpio on 17th August 2006 10:13 (UTC)
Ha! But you haven't tried getting Sanada up yet. Let me know when you're successful :P
Allelujah: Jyu Oh Seibasicblack on 15th August 2006 07:23 (UTC)
Kid beer sounds like a great idea to me. Might stick to Kirin though or I'll be bouncing off the walls.

Do you have a PSP perchance? New GG out... 20somethingth - I'm pretty excited. ...that may be sad...
Williamgenkischuldich on 17th August 2006 06:54 (UTC)
It's nasty stuff. The only possible use is for the young(ish) and curious. ;P

I don't, unfortunately. I have a Nintendo DS instead.
Allelujah: Balrogbasicblack on 17th August 2006 06:56 (UTC)
Ah well, so long as you have one or the other you'll be allowed out of the country.
はつみ 。・゚゚・(>_<)・゚゚。: Kurosagihatsumi on 18th August 2006 11:39 (UTC)
lol~ and i thought it was quite an interesting drink