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WARD finally came out! My prediction was off by a mere two days. Unfortunately, I wasn't that impressed with Weiss Side B this month. The main problem was the fact that almost nothing happened. The issue started about ten minutes before the last issue ended and focused on what KR was up to and why he sent Trabant on ahead with his ring. Trabant, by the way, is actually female. And it's nice to see some more of Side A.

From what KR said in this issue, he really did have a meeting with someone previously and Chloe is actually meant to be approaching the second Chloe. I had assumed that (our) Chloe had arranged for KR to be late and was going to interfere with the mission.

However, the issue ends in exactly the same place as the last issue -- with the reception area exploding around our Chloe, Chloe and Cedric. I'd be happy with an issue like that if it came out every month, but WARD comes out four times a year...!

IF Christine lives (and that's a pretty big assumption in WeissWorld), I doubt Chloe will want to leave her. But I think she would be out of place at the flowershop. Currently, I'm currently wondering if our Chloe will live at all... We haven't had any deaths yet, have we?

Well, if you're interested, a speed translation can be found here. Perhaps not very accurate, but hopefully close enough.

Clamp-Net reports that Fukuyama Jun-san and Sakurai Takahiro-san will be starring in the new Code Geass anime.
Tags: code geass, weiss side b
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