William (genkischuldich) wrote,

From Moonphase:
  • Site renewal for the Busourenkin TV anime. I know almost nothing about it, but one of the characters (villain?) is mavellously camp. Cast is Fukuyama Jun-san, Yuzuki Ryouka-san, Madono Mitsuaki-san, Ebara Masashi-san, Hirano Aya-san, Nabatame Hitomi-san, Taniyama Kishou-san, Kawada Shinji-san, Seki Tomokazu-san, Kobayashi Yuu-san, Yahagi Sayuri-san, Mizuta Wasabi-san, Kazama Yuuto-san, Kondou Takayuki-san, Sonobe Yoshinori-san, Inokuchi Yuka-san, Shitaya Noriko-san and Chou Katsumi-san. It has a great cast and it's based on a Jump manga, so expect it to be huge.
  • Cast announced for Ayakashi Ayashi TV anime. Cast includes Fujiwara Keiji-san, Kawashima Tokuyoshi-san, Miki Shin'ichirou-san, Niino Michi-san, Koyama Rikiya and Ueda Yuuji-san.
  • Am curious about the Shibuya Anime Festival. Specifically, is it any good?
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