William (genkischuldich) wrote,


The Big Picture of Everything (I suggest downloading this for a better look -- I actually made it smaller, but Adobe bloated the size, I think)

Edit: Bidding is now closed on everything that had a bid. Feel free to make offers though -- it's not like I don't need the money. ^^


1 Loveless Phonestrap


2 Loveless Keyboard Cover


3 Loveless Key Holder


4 KoZeroSum Winter 2005


5 Four Postcards

Four postcards featuring art from Kouga Yun-sensei (Tenshichou NOT Loveless), Minekura Kazuya (Saiyuuki Gaiden) and two other series, Matochan and 20860000.


6 Dream Live 3rd Program.


7 Photosets from Burimyu and Tenimyu.

7a Dream Live 3rd, Oshitari. adachin's.
7b Dream Live 3rd, Atobe.
7c Dream Live 3rd, Tezuka. zerocolor10's.
7d Dream Live 3rd, Ryouma. tezuka_zooooone's.
7e Dream Live 3rd, Kabaji.
7f Dream Live 3rd, Ootori.
7g Dream Live 3rd, Jiro.
7h Dream Live 3rd, Mukahi. adachin's.
7i Dream Live 3rd, Shishido. adachin's.
7j Dream Live 3rd, Hyoutei Special Postcard Set tezuka_zooooone's.
7k Rock Musical Bleach, Renji (Moriyama Eiji). adachin's.
7l Rock Musical Bleach, Urahara (Itou Yousuke).
7m Rock Musical Bleach, Hitsugaya (Nagayama Takashi) adachin's.
7n Rock Musical Bleach, Ichigo. Not so sure about this one. It looks different from the others and is a bit dusty (the cover, NOT the photos!).

Please bid individually.

8 Tenimyu Kirakira Mittens, Hyoutei-type.


9 Rock Musical Bleach Program.


10 Tenipuri White Day Bromide. Momo.

A boy from one of the local schools has a present for YOU on White Day! Who will it be and what will you get? Opened, but not noticeably so.

11 Tenipuri White Day Bromide. Shishido.

As above.

12 Tenipuri Playing Card Set.

Box slightly battered, but unopened.

13 Random bunch of flyers and magazine clippings on various people associated with Tenimyu.

Not expecting to sell these, but will put them in parcels on request. (Of course, if you WANT to bid for all of them, um... let me know.)


14 Trading cards for Bambino actors.

Itou Yousuke and Watari Kouki. Selling as set. Plastic cover is damaged, cards are not.

Gundam Seed

15 Two mini shitajiki.

Two pencil boards, one featuring Lacus and the other featuing Kira.

16 Random Hisashi Hirai and Getsumen to Heiki MINA illustration.

A calendar (2006) featuring both these illustrations and a 2006 schedule notebook featuring just the second. This involves girls with mecha carrots...? (The shitajiki pictured is no longer for sale, since I changed my mind.)

17 Hirai Hisashi Retrospective.

Supplement of about thirteen pages or so, many of them featuring sketches.

Kyou Kara Maou

18 Animage with Kyou Kara Maou Playing Cards.


19 Kyou Kara Maou Researches Artbook


20 Kyou Kara Maou 'Dictionary'.

Supplement featuring caps, some illustrations, a first season episode guide and character guides. Twenty pages.


21 Howl's Moving Castle Doujinshi.

"Howl ga Koi wo shita." Howl uke to pretty much everyone. Well, Calciphur and Michael. Tell me you're over 18 when you bid, ok?

22 Ged Senki (Tales from Earthsea) Promo Clear File

Advent Children

23 Final Fantasy 7 Doujinshi.

"Heavy Gauge". Gen. Features Turks as well as the usual characters. Has Advent Children sketches at the end.

24 Tifa capsule figure.

Nerima Daikon Brothers

25 Official NDB DVD.

Contains the first three episodes plus the seiyuu cosplay music video. A really great series. DVD is unopened. Japanese DVD, no subs.

Minimum bid: $50


26 Gankutsuou Doujinshi.

"Chocolatier". Albert comforts the Count. There is slash, but it's mostly 'off-screen'. The result is a sweet but mild dj.


27 Ginji figure from machine.

Harry Potter

28 Harry Potter Doujinshi.

"Regulus Nyanko". Sirius befriends a catboy and they eat om-rice. He also meets up with Lupin.

Eyeshield 21

29 Eyeshield 21 Doujinshi.

"Love Factory". Hiruma x Sena rough shower sex. Tell me you're over 18 when you bid, ok?


30 Binchoutan Clear File.

Fate/Stay Night

31 Fate/Stay Promo Clear File.

Magi Magi

32 Magi Magi (From Zero Sum) hard-ish file.

Garasu no Kantai/Ergo Proxy/Witchblade

33 Postcards. Two of the same from Garasu, two of the same from Witchblade and one from Ergo Proxy. Selling as set.

How to bid.

-Decide what you want and for how much. Minimum bids are a guide for more expensive items and are pretty much what the item was actually bought for (exchange rate permitting!). Most items are worth between $6 and $30. Remember to account for shipping.

Edit: Yes, US$. :)

-Check to see if someone has placed a bid for that item before you.
-If they have, make sure your bid is over their amount.
-If not, just post your bid. Include price, item number (item name is useful too) and general area of the world you live in so I can calculate shipping.
-If you're still the high bidder in a week, I'll send you an invoice.
-Payment is by Paypal or concealed cash.
-Once you send payment, I'll send your items.

Please link to this in your journal if you can! Thanks!
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