William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Musical 'Tennis no Oujisama' Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku Kouen First Service

So, the cast are -- as far as I can recall -- exactly the same as the list leaked onto the internet a couple of days ago. But, if you missed it... (and on the off-chance that no one has bothered to confirm it in their own LJ...!)

Katsuo: Eguchi Kouichi-san
Kachirou: Kawamoto Ryou-san
Horio: Hara Masaaki-san

Kaidou: Yanagishita Tomo-san

Yukimura: Yagami Ren-san
Sanada: Kanesaki Kentarou-san
Niou: Nakagauchi Masataka-san
Yagyuu: Baba Tooru-san (*stares* I think I will like him!)
Yanagi: Ono Kento-san
Elf: Ookawa Genki-san
Marui: Kiriyama Ren-san
Jackal: Yuuki Jutta-san

Finally, a big scan of the page (warning! huge file!) with the boys in costume. Looks like a good cast!

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