William (genkischuldich) wrote,

On Wednesday, I went to see WWE in the Nippon Budoukan with my husband. It was really good and the most homoerotic stage show I've ever seen. It beat both Tenimyu and Bambino for fanservice!

The final match was DX (HHH and HBK) versus Randy Orton and Edge. So Randy and Edge were massaging each other's back and bottoms and slapping each other on the arse. HHH asked them if they wanted to get a room... There was much squeeing from all around the stadium.

Most of the contemporary shows I go to have audiences made up almost entirely of women, but this seemed to be an event for couples. I also saw cosplayers! Another mark of how different the WWE audience is in Japan was how everyone clapped politely when the person they were cheering for broke out of a pinfall. Even nicer heels got polite applause after their match was over.

(...The actual match involved HHH and HBK pulling down Edge and Randy's pants. I have seen their naked bottoms. I know they're heels, but...)

There were some surprises for me. I don't have cable; I think I already mentioned I don't even have a TV. But Matt Hardy is back! HHH is a face again(?)! Also, the Big Show is BIG. I know that should be obvious, but he still surprised me. We had the cheapest seats in the house, but we're going for the most expensive seats next time. There's so much audience interraction, I think it's worth it. (At L'Arc~en~Ciel's tenth anniversary concert at the same place, the premium seats are fifty thousand en, but these are far cheaper!)

Speaking of which, today I got a ticket to Bambino Plus for the Tuesday night show. I'm really looking forward to it, but no one wanted to go with me! Anyway, I got a seat in the third row, so I'm happy about that.

On Thursday, I went to a nice izakaya in Nerima, called the Daikon-ya. Heh, "Nerima Daikon". A friend recommended we try the garlic rice. They bring it a hot metal cauldron with all the ingredients on top and mix it up right in front of you. Then they push it around the edges so it cooks further and gets crispier. Fantastic. They serve curry-rice the same way, and it actually tastes pretty good (even though the ingredients include raw eggs and cheese. The only problem is that it's a big serving, so everyone shares -- but if you like your rice really crispy, everyone will have already helped themselves!

I know it sounds like I went out a lot this week, but I haven't really been out for two months and there's a lot happening right now. On Saturday I went to a nice izakaya located in Jinsei Yokochou ("Life Alleyway", which is a truly awesome name) in Ikebukuro. It's a maze of back alleys that resembles old Edo, with lots of small family-owned restaurants. Amazing place to go at night. We ate at a place that could only seat about ten people at most, so we gathered around outside and drank atsukan and umeshu rock (my favourites).

I'm considering buying a pumpkin, but they're so expensive here. I think I'd also have to learn to make pumpkin pie to justify the cost. I saw one for the equivalent of twenty dollars today.

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