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I was going to go to Ikebukuro to buy a witch's hat for Halloween, but I didn't have time. I wanted to go to Tokyu Hands, since they had a huge display (now taken over by a Christmas display). I was told when I first arrived here that Japan isn't into Halloween, but that isn't true at all. It's more intense than in Britain, although people tell me that's due to the growing influence of Tokyo Disneyland.

Anyway, this is my first halloween in Japan, so I was looking forward to it. We were going to go out with kuroe's friends on Saturday, but they went to Roppongi and I don't really like it there. Another friend of mine called and said they were riding the last train carriage on the Yamanote line and there were lots of people there in costume, but when we tried, there was no one. We saw very few costumed people actually, apart from a small group of witches and ZAFT pilots in Shibuya. I wanted to run up and tell them I liked their costumes, but we were on the crossing. So, we decided to try out The British Pub in Ikebukuro instead. It was almost empty, but the guy beckoned us in, shook our hands and introduced himself. Since it had emptied because the last trains were starting to leave, he made us some custom cocktails. We remembered quite a few from university, one of our favourites being a Big Antelope. But we still can't remember how to make a Brain Hemorrhage. Anyway, it's a nice and friendly pub; we went back there on Sunday for the pub quiz and surprised ourselves by placing fourth rather than last. We had fish and chips and avoided the belligerent drunk. Ah... just like home!

Halloween costume (Friends only!)

If you're wondering, I was a witch. My bag is actually in the shape of a cat. ^^

On Tuesday, I was going out with my friends, but I've got the cold that's been going around. Plus, both Tuesday and Wednesday are my days off, but I agreed to overtime on Wednesday afternoon... However, I bought some Dristan and a three day supply of KatsuZin 28, so I might be okay. KatsuZin 28 is fabulous -- you drink one bottle a day for three days and you're fine by the third day. I initially believed it to be one of those fad energy drinks that seem so popular in Japan, but the pharmacist convinced me to try it about six months ago and I really did recover by the third day. Still not amazed enough to take it without Dristan, but it's good.

I went to my shamisen lesson today and practiced some singing for the first time. We went through the piece first to check I knew the reading of a lot of kanji, since it uses Edo-period Japanese. For example, in one place the partcicle 'wa' is sung as 'na'. It's a pretty tough piece, but my teacher was very surprised at how my voice blended with the shamisen. I also practiced shinobue and tried Kyou no Daibutsu once more. I can sing it, but I can't play it because the rhythm is too difficult.

I went to get my visa renewed on Wednesday. While travelling there and back, I saw that Shibuya is almost completely covered in Death Note posters. They carry the slogan 'DEAD OR ALIVE?' and one side is dark and has all the characters with their eyes calmly closed (with Ryuk in the background) and the other is white and has all the characters with their eyes open (and another shinigami(?) in white in the background). It looks really cool -- I wonder if it's available at the official site? You'll probably hate me for saying this, but I hope they change the ending. I haven't got there yet, but I know one specific detail that I asked nekojita about on the condition that I would read the manga as long as it didn't happen. She told me it happened. I... appear to be reading DN anyway? But slowly. (I can't help but think that theoretically, since it comes out on a day I'm working, I could get up really early and see it before work. But I'd still worry about being late, I guess.)

Anyway, the point is that -- assuming that my visa is all nicely processed -- I'm here for another year. It's been amazing and right now I have only one obstacle to face... my cat.

It's really difficult to write because the cat wants to sit on the keyboard and chew through various cables, including the mouse and headphones. He's already almost managed it with the mouse. It makes me miserable, because I can't do anything. I spent an hour trying to write a piece and wrote just three sentences because I was pulling the mouse out of his teeth the whole damn time. When he sits in my lap, he claws at my chest and rips at my hair.

I really need to stop him from doing it, but I'm out of ideas. If anyone has any ideas about how to stop a cat eating cables, PLEASE PLEASE tell me. I'm on the verge of giving up the dreams I had about writing because of him.

I'm currently trying to finish a yaoi fic because I found a market for one; there's a company that's going to put out an anthology very soon. But they want a bio submitted alongside it. I just figured I'd write a story, get the rejection e-mail and then send the story to BBSS. I just feel so presumptuous, writing a bio for myself. Gah. I'm not very interesting and while I find my life pretty exciting, I doubt others feel the same. Also they say they don't want angst. How can you write yaoi without angst? With me, it's either angst or inanimate objects. Sometimes both.

WARD should be out in just under two weeks, right? Looking forward to it! Not only that, but we're also getting the internet installed on the 12th.
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