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03 November 2006 @ 23:47
Let's enjoy Culture Day!  
Ah... Just watched Death Note: The Last Name and am feeling a little sad by the ending. I have very mixed feelings about it.

L is, as always, SQUEE. I love him. However, contrary to the last time when I was >this< close to making cake kebabs myself, I don't think I can even look at anything sweet right now. There's only so much sugar I can take. But... he's alive and I'm happy about that!

(But I was so close to jumping and crouching on this computer seat... I think everyone would look at me strangely though.)

There's also this great scene with L and a mask. Also the mobile scene shortly after it. I don't think I should spoil it. But it's SO funny. I wanted to see more comedic moments because L and Light are so cute together. I don't necessarily mean that way (I wouldn't say no to that, of course), but they're a great duo.

Which brings me to the sad part: Light's death. Ryuk tells him that he won't go to heaven or hell (which we already knew), but clarifies it a little further; there's nothing. Which means that Light isn't just dead, he's DEAD dead. I think that's sadder than anything he's ever done to anyone else. And it came just after he'd endeared himself to me, mainly by laughing maniacally (♥) and declaring himself the god of a new world. It made me sad.

Overall, it's definitely worth watching. I think I'll try and speed up my reading of the manga now! :P

Oh, and you can leave the cinema when the credits start -- there're no extras at the end this time.

Happy Culture Day everyone! *waves*
Thomas Vye: Morganthomasvye on 3rd November 2006 13:32 (UTC)
I loved the end of Death Note; it was like...Faustian. he did his deal with the devil and the devil always collects; it was awesome that the author had the courage to follow it through. *nod* But Light is cool. :) And so is Ryuk.
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th November 2006 09:24 (UTC)
I guess it's good that they saw it through to the end. But I still would've liked to have seen Light and L as friends somehow. Which is, admittedly, highly unlikely.