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I said a little while ago that we were getting the internet this Sunday. But, it doesn't look like we are at all, because it turns out J wasn't entirely sure about what they told him. He told me just a few days ago that he never said they would be coming on Sunday, just that that was his best guess at what the letter said. And in other news, Train actually successfully chewed through the mouse cable while J was using it. He'd always told me he didn't believe it to be a serious problem.

Anyway, now my throat is clearing up, I'm back in the mood for karaoke. I wonder if they've added Treasure (Princess Princess D ending theme) to the list yet? I also really want to look round the Dali exhibition in Ueno too.

I saw this in raburesu a little while ago. You can now send a message to anyone who write for REX, WARD or Zero-Sum! I tried to write to Oomine Shouko-sensei, but I wonder if she will be able to understand me?

I got a flyer in the post for the next Bleach Live in January. It's strange, but they describe it as a live rather than a musical. I presume that means that the final half hour is now the main attraction? I'm not sure how I'd feel about that, if that's the case. While that's always been the highlight for me, it doesn't have much meaning without the first half.

Tickets go on sale very soon and it's in a different theatre from usual (not the Nihon Seinenkan). It's actually somewhere in Shibuya and not a place I know. There also seems to be two different ticket prices, which I think might be new. Might not be remembering correctly though.

From Moonphase...
  • Designs for Gonzo's Romeo and Juliet are now up at Excite Blog. The cast is not yet announced. Considering Gankutsuou, I wonder how much they will change...? How about the ending...? (I can't believe I just typed that.)

    Finally, a Death Note comic (no spoilers).

    On Wednesday, I went to Nikkou with kuroe. I took a lot of pictures, but only with my camera phone, so I can't post them yet. We wandered around the main town area and tried to find some trees with red or golden leaves. Unfortunately, there weren't many and autumn doesn't really seem to have hit Nikkou yet. I think Takaosan is better, really, considering the time and money each place takes. Perhaps we'll return and go to to Nikkou Edo Mura (Edo Wonderland Nikkou) though. The air is very clean though and the people very friendly. We stopped at a coffee shop and the lady gave us a handful of cranes as we were leaving. Nikkou is famous for yuba, a kind of high quality toufu, but I didn't try it. But there are a ton of signs for it and everywhere seems to sell some type of it from purin to man to soba. I kind of wish I had...

    Speaking of photos, it's almost my one year anniversary of arriving in Japan! I'll try to make some kind of big anniversary photo post.
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