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The latest film I want to see is Kisarazu Cats Eye. One of my students described as a Japanese parody of Field of Dreams, but then added that she hadn't seen that movie, so it was just a guess. kuroe added that people were queueing overnight in Ikebukuro for it.

Anyway, I read a review on a movie site and it said that the director of Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san (AKA Yaji-san and Kita-san The Midnight Pilgrims) was the scriptwriter. That clinches it. I have to see this movie.

When Pez visited us, we showed her that movie and I think she was... quite taken with it? Anyway, it's about gay Edo-era bikers on crack. I realise that the '...on crack' addition is quite the cliche, but I feel that it's acceptable in this case, since they are quite literally on crack. And mushrooms. You'll find a torrent on Pez's journal (the last link I typed). I recommend it if you are both difficult to offend and easily amused.

One of my students told me this story last week and it's too good not to pass on.

His father passed away about ten years ago and he and his family chose a wooden cross to represent his father in the graveyard. It rotted away very quickly and they had to consult the monk to find out where his grave was.

Around the same time, on the anniversary of his death, his father started visiting him at night. He wasn't frightening, just kept asking how he was and how people were keeping. My student was scared anyway, since he was a ghost. He also added that he was a 'Western-style ghost' with feet and everything. His siblings were also seeing the same thing at the same time.

They decided to hire a Buddhist monk to pray over his grave and got him a traditional Buddhist headstone once the haunting had being going on for a few years. However, being Christians (his father wasn't), they were against it.

The visitations stopped, but the man found that he could see ghosts and capture them on film. He's a professional bodybuilder at a gym and his coworker died after overdosing on steroids. He has many pictures of the coworker long after he died. I asked if he had any on him and he did. He showed me this picture of him and two other friends who were linking arms. In the space between their hands, slightly out of perspective, is the face of someone. There's no space behind them, just a wall. And on my student's shoulder was the shadow of a hand...

(In the same picture frame, there was picture of my student and his friends doing their jobs as bodybuilders, all greased up and in posing pouches. He's about sixty, by the way. :))

I've kind of been losing touch with the latest anime recently. It's kinda difficult to keep track when you have neither a TV or your own internet connection. I haven't even finished Juuousei. That should be changing very soon as kuroe sent off a form for internet and we may well be getting it. But it takes a notoriously long time over here.

Code Geass
Death Note
d. grayman
Marginal Prince
Princess Princess D

Poll #870549 Anime

What current anime or other downloadable media are unmissable?

What older anime are unmissable?



One of my favourite anime was Gilgamesh. The art style initially attracted me because it was so different, but I wouldn't have seen it if Semishade hadn't put it onto CD and sent it to me. Forget complaining about the art style (a lot of people did) -- the tight plotting and spectacular twists are superb. Please see it if you can, because the story is worth it.

Another one of my favourites was Ai no Kusabi. I cannot begin to understand why they haven't licenced it. It is, without a doubt, the finest BL anime ever. Now, admittedly, the contenders for that title are neither great in number or quality, but the voices are beautiful and the animation is amazing for that time period. It's just a beautiful, heartbreaking story.

Another vaguely BL anime (actually, I believe it was definitely BL in its time, but wouldn't be considered such if released today) that is worth checking out is Kaze to Ki no Uta (Song of the Wind and the Trees). You'll be crying from start to finish.

I guess I like anime with emotional impact and twists.

I started reading Tennis no Oujisama from almost the beginning. I actually only bought volume two at the second hand bookstore in order to hide my real purchase, which was a copy of the Japanese X-Men manga.

When X-Men: The Animated Series first aired, they licensed the idea in Japan. This isn't actually the same one as was published in America; it's been drawn by a Japanese artist and is in black and white. Marvel actually translated it back, along with Spider-Man, but to limited success. I don't think they got beyond the first volume. The problem with X-Men that it was pretty much a translation of a translation of an animation which already existed in comic form.

The Spider-Man manga was a little more interesting as it was a complete reimagining. Some things, like villain's identities, caught me by surprise even though they were fairly obvious since they had a different relationship to Peter Parker than in the American comic. That, too, didn't last very long.

In any case, I have volume two of the Japanese attempt at the X-Men. I'm so proud.

(All of this obscures the fact that I BOUGHT TENNIS NO OUJISAMA TO LOOK RESPECTABLE.)

Which reminds me -- the regular Tenimyu tickets go on sale tomorrow, don't they? I probably won't get any since I have to work. One of the staff rang me yesterday and asked me to come to work a little earlier, which -- while it's about forty minutes after the tickets go on sale -- is still not an adequate time-frame for all the machine-hammering you have to do. I'd refuse, but I've NEVER successfully got Tenimyu tickets through the Loppi machine, so it hardly seems worth it.

It was my one year anniversary in Japan on the sixteenth! I went to karaoke in Ikebukuro with kuroe until about 1.30am. I don't know why I'm good at some songs and terrible at others. I can't do Buck-Tick's 'Dress' at all (basicblack sings it very well though!). But apparently 'Chichi wo moge' is my song, silly voices in the middle and all.

On the same day, WARD came out! It was a little difficult to translate since the sound of pages turning is Very Exciting to cats. A couple of pages have tiny bite marks in them...

Weiss Side B #34 Emissary of the Devil (text translation)

As we predicted, Christine!Chloe was killed in a suitably dramatic way. It was nice to see something happen after last issue and the lead up to it was Weiss-style melodrama!

There's also an ad for a related magazine called 'Arcana' which features work from Kouga Yun-sensei and Minekura Kazuya-sensei. The first issue's theme is gentlemen-that-assist-you (yeah, that's my best attempt at translation -_-;;) and the cover by Minekura-sensei is gorgeous.
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