William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Against my better judgement, I tried to get Tenimyu tickets today.

I almost decided not to bother and stay in bed a bit earlier today, but I went anyway. Although I arrived a good amount of time before, there was someone already there, although not for Tenimyu. I went to a different Lawsons and someone was queueing for Tenimyu. She was waiting at the front, with two mobile phones laid out on the ledge. I asked her very politely how many tickets she was getting (this isn't unusual, since someone asked me the same when I was at the front of the queue the other time - and guess what? I LET THEM) and she told me two, so I asked if she could get four. She said no and I apologised for bothering her.

Now how am I supposed to compete with someone who had two mobiles out? Why the fuck should I have to!? Who the hell is organising this so badly!? Why are we fighting each other to get these tickets?

I feel worse tham last time, when the machine was constantly engaged. It feels worse when a human lets you down.

(I noticed an ad for an Air Gear musical..?)
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