William (genkischuldich) wrote,

The Big Anniversary Post

It's my one year anniversary of being in Japan!

November 2005
  • Our first night here (Yachiyodai, Chiba) was miserable, mainly because we were jetlagged and the staff at the place we wanted to eat at were unhelpful. I soon realised that my sense of happiness here was strongly tied to how well I could communicate and make myself understood. Something I have to get over, really.
  • In my first week here, I preordered the DVD of PAPA TO KISS IN THE DARK and got an event ticket to see Midorikawa Hikaru-san, Chiba Susumu-san, Terashima Takuma-san, 'SHUN' and 'it's'. No wonder I felt better...
  • I went to my first izakaya (Warawara) with my coworkers.
  • I climbed Mount Takao with hinoai and her friends. The leaves were a beautiful red and purple! We went to an izakaya afterwards and I tried shiokara for the first (and last!) time.

    December 2005
  • I discovered Yakitate!!Japan bread is available in convenience stores.
  • I saw a Hard Gay-related program for the first time.
  • We went to a Christmas party in Narita and ate turkey!
  • My photo appeared in the Japan Times in the opinion section.
  • I went to the Jump Festa and saw Morita Masakazu-san, the NaB's, Irino Miyu-san, Okiayu Ryoutarou-san and a Tenimyu promo featuring Shirota-san, Yanagi-san and Katou-san.
  • I went to Comiket.
  • We spent New Year's Eve doing karaoke and then went to the Meiji-Jingu shrine. Walking through the park, my way lit by lanterns and then eating Japanese food until the birds awoke and dawn came... it was a truly amazing experience.

    January 2006
  • I won original KARAS artwork after filling in an Animage enquete.
  • Hinata performed outside my workplace.
  • We saw Bleach Myu.
  • It snowed.
  • I played New Year Karuta.
  • I celebrated Chinese New Year with friends and ate kurogoma.

    February 2006
  • I went to the doctor for the first time and also bought a computer.
  • I went to an ikebana class.
  • I got a slight promotion at work.
  • The comm I mod (raburesu) got fandom-wanked.

    March 2006
  • I gave a three minute speech in Japanese at the International Association.
  • I discovered that Inage is full of friendly.
  • I bought Final Fantasy XII.
  • We went to the Tokyo International Anime Fair.
  • My first Tenimyu.
  • We celebrated our wedding anniversary.
  • I went to see Bambino.

    April 2006
  • I watched cherry blossoms at night.
  • kuroe got a job in Tokyo.

    May 2006
  • Kitagawa Daisuke-san performed outside my workplace.
  • I saw The NaB's.
  • I went to the Sony Music Anime Fes 06 with dilettantka.
  • I went to the Naruto musical.
  • I went to Rock'n Jam Musical II.
  • I went to lunch at T-sensei's house.
  • I went to Mori no Ishimatsu Gaiden II, which starred Seki Toshihiko-san.
  • I hugged Morikubo Shoutarou-san at the Nerima Daikon Brothers event!!

    June 2006
  • I started learning the shamisen.
  • I went to Nekobukuro and Kamakura.
  • I visited the Kabukiza with N-sensei.

    July 2006
  • I went to Yokohama.
  • I went to my first matsuri and several firework festivals in Kanamachi and Funbashi.
  • I found an ill kitten in the street with half his face missing and decided to take him home. I named him 'Train' after the Black Cat character.
  • We started to move apartment, into a place that actually allows cats.

    August 2006
  • Pez came to Japan and stayed with us! We went to a fireworks festival in Ichikawa, for yakiniku, to karaoke... Oh yes, and Tenimyu.
  • I went to Bleach Myu.
  • I finally moved into the new apartment, near Ikebukuro.

    September 2006
  • I saw Tsuda Kenjirou-san in Dopondo. I was kind of disappointed.
  • I saw dancing Noh robots in Shibuya with N-sensei.
  • I did karaoke with basicblack.

    October 2006
  • I cooked Russian food and made Japanese sweets at the International Society.
  • I went to see WWE.
  • I went to two really nice izakaya called Daikon-ya and another in Jinsei Yokochou in Ikebukuro.
  • We found a really nice British pub in Ikebukuro.

    November 2006
  • We competed in a pub quiz at the King George and didn't come last!
  • We went to Nikkou.
  • I renewed my visa for one more year.
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