William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Thanks for the parcel nekojita! I drank tea for the first time in ages last night!

I'm hopefully getting the Tenimyu ticket sent to me very soon; I successfully bought two tickets for Bleach: The Live and one for Airmyu. (I already got one for Bambino Plus -- I got one for the performance before Pez arrives and I can always tell you if it's worth watching!)

(I saw this list up on gekipuri, which is a nice concise list of upcoming stuff. I must remember to have another look at Rock'n Jam.)

Charapontan Cooking looks like an awesome tv show! Ignore the childish anime and look at the guest cast -- the first episode features Terashima Takuma-san. He's going to teach you how to cook (or something)!

Ack, I need to get to my Japanese class now! I totally hadn't realised the time!

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