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02 December 2006 @ 19:38
BPAL accepts Paypal? Ahh... I have quite a bit of money locked up in my PP account.

Which scent(s) would suit me best?

Which is your personal favourite?

I'm already eying up Gluttony in their Seven Deadly Sins section (chocolate flavours!) and Neo-Tokyo in their Wanderlust section (obvious reasons!), although right now I'm just copying and pasting the info to look at at home. Anyone want to give me a definite 'yes' or 'no' on those ones? The Salon has some amazing-sounding scents, but the prices are more expensive. Is it worth it? A little bit of insight into 'voodoo blends' would be appreciated, since they don't list the scents used (If they did what they said -- Black Cat, Block Buster or Horn of Plenty? Haha).

I'm taking the JLPT tomorrow, but I was up late writing Santa porn last night. I should probably filter this just because of that little detail, but whatever. I'm shameless.

I'm going to go down in history as the person that failed level three because of Santa porn.

It's almost December...? Clearly this has taken me by surprise since I:m still writing November in files at work.

Finally, is it just me or we making LJ comms for every tiny little thing that seiyuu or actors do? I'm tempted to make an LJ comm dedicated entirely to Shirota Yuu's eyebrows.
Kasra: KxO Gluhen wankkasra_c on 2nd December 2006 11:45 (UTC)
Santa pr0n? Like in, Santa Claus pr0n?

I'm horribly intrigued. XD
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd December 2006 10:29 (UTC)
I sent it to Bang Bang Shousetsu, an LJ origi-BL zine (Do you know it? I definitely recommend it!). If they don't accept it, I'll just post it here. Shamefully.
Tiny Tiny Court: NUMNUMNUMfencer_x on 2nd December 2006 12:24 (UTC)
Finally, is it just me or we making LJ comms for every tiny little thing that seiyuu or actors do? I'm tempted to make an LJ comm dedicated entirely to Shirota Yuu's eyebrows.

We're just finally catching up to the people on mixi and their compulsive community making XD

Seriously--do the Japanese really need comms for every line in TeniMyu?
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd December 2006 10:29 (UTC)
It seems we need a comm for every new actor in Tenimyu and seiyuu. ;_;
Cienna: i am a happy rainbow boy!cienna on 2nd December 2006 12:33 (UTC)
Just had to vote since it was BPAL related. I've been eyeing Gluttony myself. Bliss sounds like it would be good too.
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd December 2006 10:30 (UTC)
Thanks! Are you buying samples or the full product..?
Cienna: happy happycienna on 3rd December 2006 11:57 (UTC)
Just samples. It thought I would try a lot of stuff first before springing for a bottle. I mostly bought them from people on bpal communities since it tends to be cheaper than buying from the site and easier for shipping to Japan. I really want to pick up a few bottles though! Especially of the Halloween scents that aren't available in imps. BPAL is so addictive!!
Williamgenkischuldich on 6th December 2006 04:41 (UTC)
Yeah, I want to give it a go because of the vast amount of reviews on my flist. They sound amazing. How much is shipping to Japan? I want to go via the company first of all because I don't have a home connection and I think it'll be easier for the first time.
Cienna: happy happycienna on 9th December 2006 02:27 (UTC)
I'm not sure how much shipping is because I've never ordered from the actual site, but they definitely ship to Japan at least. I wouldn't think it would be too expensive because those samples way practically nothing. I think you'll enjoy them!
Touma Karamochitouma_karamochi on 2nd December 2006 13:50 (UTC)
Good luck with the JPLT, I also took level three when I was in Japan. I think the reason I didn't pass it myself was that I didn't know half the vocabulary or kanji that was on the test. Even so, I think I only failed by 70 points, if I remember. I'm interested in taking it again, but I'm not sure of any places in the US that host the test.

Ater the test(it was at a college about three stops from Shinjuku station on the Chuo line), the small group of us international students from Kofu that took it recompensated ourselves for the test by going to Shinjuku and Tokyo stations (we had 'JR ladies tickets' which were reusable for anywhere in Tokyo), bumming around to see the Christmas lights at the stores, and going out to eat.

Hope things go well there! ^_^
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd December 2006 10:32 (UTC)
Well, kanji is definitely my strong point, but I find myself zoning out in listening. Also, I value the ability to double-check things. I'm sure that there's somewhere in the US that you can take the test since I've seen statistics for the US... But maybe not so near you?

I've never heard of ladies tickets... what are they?
Touma Karamochi: Allen smilingtouma_karamochi on 4th December 2006 00:12 (UTC)
I'm not sure, so far as I'm seeing, the only spots are in Japan. But I can keep searching and asking, I guess. I still think I need vast amounts of studying though, I feel like I am losing the Japanese I've learned since I am surrounded by English once again. -_-

JR 'Ladies Tickets' were a program that was sponsored by JR while I was there about three years ago(dunno if they still have it) in order to get more women to ride the trains. The thing was, if you and a friend paid in advance at a ticket window or designated ticket seller(like for us at Yamanashi Daigaku we could buy them at the school bookstore) to use the tickets on a specified day, and the tickets can be used and reused anywhere on the JR lines in Tokyo on that day, including the Yamanote and Chuo(which is what we mostly used).
Williamgenkischuldich on 6th December 2006 04:56 (UTC)
Really? But in my grammar book they had stats for all over the world. Plus, when I was in Britain I was under the impression I could take the test in London (although I never looked into it seriously).

I don't think ladies tickets are available anymore then, since I've never seen them advertised.
Pas: winter - roadqueenpasiphae on 2nd December 2006 16:09 (UTC)
Hee-I've just started getting into BPAL. :D Here's some info that may help:

The Reviews section at the BPAL.org forums.
The Newbie's Guide to BPAL Fandom

I don't know what sort of scents you like so I'm not sure what to reccommend for you, but my favorites of the ones I've tried are:

Miskatonic University
Sugar Skull

Both Sugar Skull and Samhain and limited editions and due to be gone from the site, but I just checked and they're still up (for the moment, anyway).

Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd December 2006 10:34 (UTC)
Well, I'm not really sure myself. I had a really cheap perfume recently that smelled of cotton candy or vanilla, depending on who you asked and everybody loved it. I got so many comments! But, personally, my favourite scent is sandalwood. So very different...

Thanks for the links! Obviously I need some good advice!
nekojitanekojita on 2nd December 2006 18:21 (UTC)
I've Black Cat - I'll go put it on in a bit and then post tomorrow what I think about it. I adore the Aunt Caroline Joy's Mojo voodoo - it's candy sweet but each time I've worn it, it's put me in a great mood and seems to lend me good luck.
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd December 2006 10:35 (UTC)
I'd love to hear your thoughts on it -- particularly if you find your enemies suddenly smited as they claim...
the princess of not knowing when to shut upcynbaby on 2nd December 2006 23:19 (UTC)
And just think, if you don't like the scents you get you can always swap them with other bpal addicts. ^_^
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd December 2006 10:36 (UTC)
Yeah, but I'm a bit too lazy to do that! :P