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03 December 2006 @ 19:26
I took the JLPT3 today! The first section seemed really easy, but then it was all about kanji. The second section, listening, was a complete loss. The horrible truth is that I actually zone out...! I noted that in my practice tests and resolved to concentrate harder, but I still did it too many times (though not as much). What's wrong with me!? The last one, grammar, was okay, I guess. I finished in the first half hour and spent the next twenty minutes looking over it, making a few corrections. After another quick look through, I decided to relax because looking again would probably make me overthink it too much and change right answers into wrong answers. Overall, I think my score hovers somewhere around the pass mark and only time will tell whether it hovers above or below.

Like an idiot though, I didn't follow the advice in the leaflet and didn't bother bringing a packed lunch (there's always a convenience store around in Japan, right? Right?). I spent about half an hour looking round the area near TouDai looking for a conveni. Luckily, I found a bentou shop that sold ebiten. It was great!

Since we finished at around 3 o'clock on a Sunday, a day I rarely get off, I went to Harajuku. I'd forgotten what a great place it is on that day! I saw a pretty good band called Champagne, who did a cover of 'Creep' by 'Radiohead' and the pronunciation was native-level English, so I went over to talk to them afterwards. Turns out, the guy really knows English and lived for some time overseas. Big fan of English rock, including Oasis...!

After that, I went to see a band called Minxzone. Awful name, but a really good band. The singer was truly charismatic and had a great voice. Not just that, but they had actually had singable songs! Of course, I bought their CD and Yukari hugged me and said thank you (she also said my Japanese was very good -- we will find out in February, won't we?). I felt really happy after watching them!

It looks like autumn has finally arrived -- the leaves have finally turned. It's also starting to get a little chilly in the evenings. Sorry, but I'm kinda laughing at everyone who keeps insisting it's cold. I didn't even need a coat today!

Anyway, I'm off to a pub quiz in Ikebukuro with kuroe now.
tirwolftirwolf on 3rd December 2006 13:16 (UTC)
Are these exams in order for you to continue to teach in Japan? Hope you did well. I have to take a bunch in order to teach science in the jr. high & HS levels here in the USA. It has been so long since I had to take any of the basic math & English type exams, that I am concerned that I'll totally blow them. Actually, it is the math ones that I am concerned about as all I've done in about 20 yrs. is addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Guess I'll find out... ne?
Williamgenkischuldich on 6th December 2006 02:06 (UTC)
Ah, no, not at all! It's almost a requirement that you can't speak Japanese. :) It's just because I personally want to learn Japanese.

Good luck with your exams!
amelia cavendish: silversnakeicon aya heartyami_tai on 10th December 2006 16:04 (UTC)
I hope the exam went better than you think, hun *hugs*!

What is a pub quiz in Japan like *is curious*?
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th December 2006 12:17 (UTC)

The pub quiz was held in a British pub, so it's meant to be exactly like a pub quiz in Britain. :) Actually, it is too -- except now the questions reflect my age because of the general age of the foreigners over here. ^^ Also there's a drawing round with "Japanese" themes (like Shinjuku 2-chome, etc).
Owen: Kyou [..Winter.Born..]kidboomerang on 12th December 2006 07:18 (UTC)
Dropped by to comment and say that I want to send you a (surely belated by the time it gets there) holiday card! =D Send me your addy if you want one~~~ ruebert(at)henkei(dot)com
Williamgenkischuldich on 20th December 2006 03:14 (UTC)
Oh, thanks! I'd love one! :) I'll send right away!