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Bambino PLUS review!

The Theatre Apple is in the heart of Kabukichou in Shinjuku, right next to the theatre showing 'We Will Rock You' (The Queen musical). I don't really like Shinjuku all that much, since it winds me up -- it's completely different from any other part of Tokyo and the station blocks you in every direction. I'm told that Ikebukuro station is actually bigger, but you couldn't tell.

Anyway, I was struck by how calm it was inside, which is completely different from Tenimyu. Having said that, it was certainly more frantic than when I went to see Bambino the first time, when I loved how laid-back it was. The queue for merchandise was still thankfully short, although I swear this show has the best things ever. My favourite were the trading cards, which are little lucky dip bags with a hidden card featuring a cast member and two small packets of chocolates. I bought three, plus a copy of the DVD and a pamphlet. Buying the DVD entitled me to a free CD called 'Sei naru Yoru' ("Holy Night"), which is the Bambino Plus Christmas song that they played for an encore. And… I think I might now be a member of the Bambino Plus fanclub. Fine with me -- I adored both the first production and this one!

What surprised me was how much bigger the theatre was this time. It was a tiny little place before, so although I was very excited I suspected that my third row seat was nothing special, since everyone was close to the stage last time. I was so, so wrong! The theatre is a little bigger than the usual Tenimyu/Burimyu place, and on one floor. I was SO close to the stage!

Anyway, the first song was the Bambino theme song. Great to hear it again -- it's so bittersweet and uplifting. Plus there are a ton of gorgeous boys posing in front of you. There were actually a lot of new songs, I think. I've forgotten them, since there was so much going on... I remember one of the earlier ones starred Yoshida Tomokazu-kun, who played Shin'ichirou and was bare-chested. Afterwards, they were all drinking soft drinks except for him, who'd got some rum. Hee. The cast members had to remind each other to take their sunglasses off for the next section. At the end, they also sung Ame, which I loved first time around too.

This was some kind of talent show where Miura Ryousuke-kun pretended to be 'kame-san' (turtle-san). Entirely cute and entirely bizarre at the same time. And JURI-kun signed a rap song. This was followed by shameless whoring for merchandise. *Sigh*

There was a mini-play about the life of JURI-kun, who started off as a baby in a bonnet and two other cast members played his mother and father. Others played two kindergarten kids (in the familiar yellow bonnet) and... a girl called Godzilla that he fell in love with. She was played by Washio Noboru-kun, wearing a big black wig with pigtails and a pink dress. Probably the most impressive was Miura-chan. At least, I think it was him. Partly I'm just having difficulty remembering and partly the transformations were so complete that I wasn't entirely sure in the first place. He had a gorgeous curly brown wig, a dark blue sailor dress and a kendo stick. Everyone in my area was screaming 'kawaiiiiii'! He was though. He really was.

I'm sure there was something else next (they did a live dubbing of scenes from the DVD, I think), but the next thing I remember is an event that strongly resembled school sports day. They divided everyone up into three teams and had some competitive skipping and press-ups. Finally, they had a treasure hunt. They took ideas out of box and went through the audience looking for them. They got stuck on 'tatebue', a kind of recorder. I only had a 'shinobue' (bamboo flute) in my bag, so I didn't say anything. But eventually someone at the front gave them a whistle, which they stood up to make literally a 'standing pipe'. GAH.

Finally, there was the video broadcast by Katou Kazuki-san. *smile* I can't wait to see what they do with his character. The people today were half their characters and half themselves, so I'm not sure what to make of him. He seemed evil, scary and a little hammy. ♥

It was like it was made for me. Fanservice, music, cute men and crossdressing. I can't wait to see Bambino 2! But now it's time for Tenimyu...

作詞・堤 秦之  作曲・伊藤陽佑
Tenshi no Tsubasa wo Ageyou
Lyrics: Tsutsumi Hatano. Composition: Itou Yousuke.

太陽を撃ち落す銃を 手に入れた男は
雨粒をダイヤに変える魔法を この街にかけた
Taiyou wo uchiotosu [tsutsu] wo   te ni ireta otoko wa
Amatsubu wo DAIYA ni kaeru mahou wo   kono machi ni kaketa

紫の雲流れ 稲妻が走ると
金色のカラス舞い降りて 耳元で囁く
Murasaki no kumonagare   inadzuma ga hashiru to
Kin'iro no KARASU maiorite   mimimoto de sasayaku

Tenshi no tsubasa wo ageyou
Omae no kokoro to hikikae ni
Tenshi no egao ageyou
Omae no kibou to hikikae ni
Tenshi no koe wo ageyou
Omae no uta to hikikae ni

風がやみ 時が止まった
Kaze ga yami   Toki ga tomatta

Lyrics/Composition: Itou Yousuke.

自然が好きだと 公園みたいな所に座る
キレイな服を着た この街に溶け合ってく
Shizen ga suki da to   kouen mitai na tokoro ni suwaru
KIREI na fuku wo kita   kono machi ni tokeatteku

奏でる音は からっぽすぎて
蒸発する そして雲になる
Kanaderu oto wa   karapposugite
Jouhatsu suru   soshite kumo ni naru

悲しみの傘をさせず 僕たちは生きている
頬を伝う雨の雫 洗い流して 洗い流して
Kanashimi no kasa wo sasezu   bokutachi wa ikiteiru
Hoho wo tsutau ame no shizuku   arai nagashite   arai nagashite

流れ行く雲の波に 隠れてく下弦の月
会いたいよって叫ぶのは 心の中でだけ
Nagare iku kumo no nami ni   kakureteku kagen no tsuki
Aitai yotte sakebu no wa   kokoro no naka de dake

作詞・堤 秦之  作曲・エザキマサル
Bambino no Theme
Lyrics: Tsutsumi Hatano. Composition: Ezaki Masaru.

オレンジ色の くすんだ朝陽 ビルの谷間に 沈む頃
寝グセの頭 キャップで押さえ 駅の階段 駆け上がる
ORENJI iro no kusunda asahi   BIRU no tanima ni   shizumu goro
NeGUSE no atama   KYAPPU de osae   eki no kaidan   kakeagaru

コンビニ裏で 見つけた花を カラのボトルに さしておこう
可愛い花を ちっちゃな花を 俺の涙で  育てよう
KONBINI ura de   mitsuketa hana wo   KARA no BOTORU ni   sashite okou
Kawaii hana wo chiccha na hana wo   boku/ore no namida de[*]   sodateyou

一日に何度も サワー浴びる度に
この街の匂いが 身体に染み付いてく
Ichinichi ni nandomo   SHAWAA abiru tabi ni
Kono machi no nioi ga   karada ni shimitsuiteku[**]

バンビーノ 愛を売る街に 迷い込み
バンビーノ 夢を売る街で 踊ろう
BANBIINO   ai wo uru machi ni   mayoikomi
BANBIINO   yume wo uru machi de   odorou
Yoru ga akeru made


一日に何度も ベッドもぐる度に
この街の匂いで 心が乾いてく
Ichinichi ni nandomo   BEDDO mo guru tabi ni
Kono machi no nioi de   kokoro ga kawaiteku

バンビーノ これ以上何を 売ればいい?
バンビーノ 神様の声は 聞こえない
BANBIINO   kore ijou nani wo   ureba ii?
BANBIINO   kamisama no koe wa   kikoenai

バンビーノ 愛を売る街に 迷い込み
バンビーノ 夢を売る街で 踊ろう
BANBIINO   ai wo uru machi ni   mayoikomi
BANBIINO   yume wo uru machi de   odorou
Yoru ga akeru made

[*] 'Boku' is sung for the acoustic version and the first time, but 'ore' in the reprise (different characters take different parts).
[**] Kanji is 'shintai', but 'karada' is sung.

(You never know -- when I have time I might upload videos of these songs. :) Ame is really amazing.)

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