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Rikkai Tenimyu review!

Wow, I don't know how to explain this, but... they CAMPED UP Tenimyu!? How could you possibly do such a thing? I don't mean 'how dare you!?' because that's just the way I like it; what I mean is 'how is that physically possible!?'. Anyway, FANTASTIC MYU!

The photosets are good this time. They have a tennis uniform photo, a formal photo, a Christmas/casual photo and NAKED DIRTY BOY photo. Thumbs up! While I was waiting, I bought all of Rikkai plus Bane and Dabide. I took one look at the first set and proceeded to check out the fourth photo in every set. I'm so ashamed...

(Afterwards, I decided that Inui had really improved, just like everyone else, and went to the merchandise counter. Also I wanted to get the Ichinensei Trio out of sheer curiosity, although I think their photosets are always the most fun. The postcards you get free are the best, btw!)

The singing and dancing this time around is so much better. Everyone can harmonise and dance in step with each other (although Seigaku did get a little shaky when each member sang on their own). Another general statement I will make about this myu before I get into specifics is that the friendships between the actors is so obvious. It's so cute how everyone adores everyone else! There's so much hugging.

♥Sanada is shown hitting Bunta and Jackal... and then Kirihara is just standing in the corner waiting for him like a naughty boy. I can't explain why I like Sanada and Kirihara for this, but I do. ^^
♥Yukimura is wheeled on in a special little hospital room and starts singing sadly, cradling his tennis racket. It was pretty fun, but I'm not sure it was meant to be.
♥The first half ended, but members of Rokkaku popped out of the audience before we could leave! They were catching shellfish and it was just awesome. This is just one of the scenes where the friendship is obvious. I was so pleased to see that Dabide appeared on the second floor. It's nice of them to include all their fans, even the ones that didn't pay huge amounts on auction sites. ;) Once the first half was over EVERYONE made the biggest dash I've ever seen to the merchandise. I think Rokkaku photosets suddenly got very popular!
♥There's a little montage of scenes featuring all the characters doing their own thing and all of them were funny. Fuji and his cactus... Takasan and his sushi... Kaidou is a running joke (hehe). I think Sanada was here too and I was very impressed with his sword technique -- it's actually accurate. The scene required him to cut something in half, and there was no prop malfunction -- it looked really good.
♥The theme song is very strong this time, which might be because they played it twice. I got the tune in my head, but then the Bambino theme song edged it out. It goes "Tsuyoku naru n da..." Uh. Sorry. That's all I've got. It might have English next? Speaking of which, Ryouma spoke English during the myu, although I couldn't tell you what he said. In Shindou Gaku-san's photoset, he's shown reading the Daily Yomiuri in English -- is that for real or is it just a photoshoot, I wonder...?
♥The first tennis match was Kaidou and Momochan VS Bunta and Jackal, which was pretty good if you like the characters (I'm not really a fan of their team dynamics though, although Jackal and Bunta are VERY cute together). However, the second was the Golden Pair VS Niou and Yagyuu. This was my highlight of the myu, absolutely! First of all, there was a bit with GP singing together and being super-friendly. I've not seen that in the myus I attended previously and think that I miss it if it's not there. Ooishi is a bit of a joke in this (in the team montage, he's shown being unable to sleep and repeating 'will everything be okay...?'). Anyway, Kikumaru gets knocked out and has a flashback featuring chibi!Eiji and chibi!Ooishi -- I'm guessing that they must've been played by Rokkaku members? Chibi!Ooishi fell over just as the staging was being wheeled back. Anyway, Kikumaru gets to his feet acrobatic-style to continue the match. Then there's...
♥Niou and Yagyuu!! So GOOD they deserve their own heart-point! They transformed mid-song and totally fooled me (even though I guessed it would happen). Jackal also joined in and that really did fool me! And they move so close to each other and really ham it up... I swear that they've been together for years... They played tricks with Kikumaru... ♥♥♥
♥Finally, Kikumaru entered the hall right behind me for the finale as I had an aisle seat! I was SO close. Everyone went into shock around me.
♥So this would be the first part then...? I feel like I did at the end of Pirates of Carribean 2, when EVERYONE knew it was a two-parter except for me. What can I say? I don't read spoilers.
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