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23 December 2006 @ 23:09
yuki_scorpio, giving_ground, Tarundoru-kun and I went to Nikkou Edo Mura yesterday for campy ninja fun. Despite the name, it's actually in/near Kinugawa, which is the BEST. NAME. EVER.

鬼 = (KI) oni
怒 = (NU) angry
川 = (GAWA) river

As always, the ninja house and the ninja show were the best things ever and the show featured a really tall bishounen priest and highly anachronistic electronic music reminiscent of early BL. In short, it was awesome. When we left, a row of samurai and the cute samurai mascot dog thanked us for visiting. I still think the one in Hokkaidou was better, but whatever. It was fun!

Afterwards, we returned to Asakusa and had some amazing tenpura-soba, which seemed to be made with yuzu juice and peel. kuroe says I seem to be on a yuzu kick ever since a student gave me a bag of them from her garden. It's true -- try one in a curry sometime!

Today, yuki_scorpio giving_ground went to Rikkaimyu, so check out their LJs for reviews. I was suddenly worried that my non-spoilery excitement had given them inflated hopes when I didn't get a phone call this evening, but it seems they loved it too. I think we shall squee tomorrow over Christmas lunch -- FINALLY. :P

While they were at the myu, I went to a party for my Japanese school. It was funny, but I was one of the few non-Japanese there! So I chatted for ages with lots of people and made friends with a really nice obaasan. 'Obaasan' is what happens when Japanese women get to a certain age and realise that they can do whatever they like in society and get away with it. They're great! :P (A bit embarrassed that it seems to have got around that I'm into the Tennis no Oujisama manga and musicals, but I did meet a fellow fan. ^^)

Anyway, I can second in the talent contest after a man and his family showed everyone how to make Christmas trees with adapted origami (it involved cuts, so not true origami, I think...?). Anyway, we all got involved making them, so they deserved it. And I got an extra present for my trouble! We all ate onigiri, okonomiyaki, potato salad and strawberry Christmas cake.

...We might -- MIGHT -- be getting the internet tomorrow.
キモさ満々♡ 미친 외국인: arthur is a dorkdilettantka on 25th December 2006 10:39 (UTC)
Whoah! Jamie and I went to Nikko/Kinugawa right after you!!
Williamgenkischuldich on 26th December 2006 14:04 (UTC)
Did you go to Edo Mura...? Not that you mentioned it in your post, but...

I actually went there in mid-November too to "see the autumn leaves", but no such luck really.