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Christmas day was lovely. James woke me up with tea and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast. We then proceed to see if we could get toujitsuken for the last Tokyo performance of Rikkaimyu (for now, since they return to a different venue in January).

I did exactly as it said on the website and turned up at about two and a half hours before the show started. Fifteen minutes later, everyone seemed to suddenly walk en masse to the main stairs, although I didn't hear any announcement. It was like they just knew. We started lining up and got our lottery tickets -- I was number 202 and in the middle of a queue that stretched down the street and around the block. I would put numbers at somewhere between three and four hundred people.

...But my number was posted up on the board about half an hour later! I couldn't believe it!

I shall have to revise my original review of Tenimyu since it turns out a lot of bits were adlibbed. New bits include...

  • In the team montage, Ooishi was shown worrying in and around his bed going "will it be okay...?" over and over again. In this show, when he's finally underneath, he STARTS COUNTING TEZUKAS TO GET TO SLEEP. 「手塚一匹、手塚二匹…」 ("One Tezuka, Two Tezuka..."). I SO want to see this in the DVD version. Please?
  • Fuji's little chat with his cactus changed! It does appear to be COMPLETE ADLIB (or he has two or three speeches)... like most of the montage, it turns out.
  • In the performance I saw, Kaidou was shown running all over the place. Since it was the last Tokyo performance, Kaidou calls out that he's running to the next show in Oosaka! And, in the next scene, he runs back because the musical hadn't finished in Tokyo yet (Can't remember exact wording though)!
  • Sanada walks up to Yukimura in his hospital room just as he's about to go and places his hand firmly on his shoulder. They linger... Then Sanada starts to walk back and there's this huge pause, which everyone was giggling at. THEN he walks off.
  • When Niou and Yagyuu change, Marui pretends to be Yagyuu for a short while, not just Jackal.
  • Chibi!Kikumaru and Chibi!Ooishi must have been played by Kachirou and Katsuo's actors (not Rokkaku members, like I guessed previously), since they disappeared just before Kikumaru gets knocked out.
  • I said before that this myu had at a singable theme, but in fact it has several. Am now singing the Rikkai theme.
  • Minami "Buchou of Fanservice" Keisuke-kun PICKED UP AIBA-KUN AT CURTAIN CALL AND CARRIED HIM AROUND IN HIS ARMS. I THINK Momo and Inui did the same (I noticed them whispering a little earlier), but I was looking at Niou and Yagyuu. Sorry. The Buchou of Fanservice also did that thing he did last time where he comes in, bows for the audience and then leaves his glasses behind for Ryouma to find. This time, instead of shyly giving them back, Ryouma put them on. There was SO MUCH CUTE.

    Afterwards, Pez and Liz came back to our flat for Christmas dinner. Lots of fun, although they had to leave quite early because of ryokan curfew. Still, we had good food together.

    Lots of new anime sites are now opening in anticipation of the new year and Winter Comikket. Here's a list from Moonphase of the ones I wasn't completely bored by.

  • Engage Planet Kissdum ...cast includes Ono Daisuke-san, Nakamura Yuuichi-san, Mizuki Nana-san and Endou Aya-san. Awful name, btw.
  • Love Con ...super-popular manga-turned-live-action-movie that I never got around to seeing.
  • Kaibutsu Oujo: Princess Resurrection ...by Mitsunaga Yasunori-sensei, serialised in Sirius Magazine.
  • Ookiku Furikabutte ...pre-site only. This title always had a lot of doujinshi for it, considering it was only a manga. I wonder why?
  • Piano no Mori ...due for a theatrical release next summer.
  • Skullman ...at least it doesn't have panty shots?
  • Sousei no Aquarion: Uragiri no Tsubasa ...due for a Summer 2007 release.
  • Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuuchou Tou ...cast includes Shimono Hiro-san, Kawanabe Masaki-san, Taira Katsui-san, Sekiguchi Eiji-san, Horie Yui-san, Arai Satomi-san and Narita Sayaka-san. Character designs look pretty and I rather like the title.

    This piece of Weiss Kreuz crack turned up on my flist. Needless to say, I think it's awesome. (Yes, safe for work!)
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