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29 December 2006 @ 19:45
I know it's highlighted on the front page (that's how I found it, after all), but you might've missed day_on_earth. 29th December post. If you check there, you can also see my picture of the Tokyo Big Sight.

Today was the first day on Comiket. I arrived at about 10.35am, but I didn't get in until about twenty minutes later. I was a little surprised by all the crowds, actually, since I went later in the day last year. Anyway, once I got in, I went straight to the official booth space.

From top left:
1) Okane ga nai! DVD flyer
2) Pale Cocoon postcard
3) Devil May Cry anime postcard
4) Random trading card
5) Ookiku Furikabutte postcard
6) Polyphonica anime postcard
7) Random postcard (Titim?)
8) Beyond The Train Tracks postcard
9) ICE anime flyer

Most of my other stuff was porn-aimed-at-boys and I threw it away...

There was a whole booth for the Okane ga Nai! OAV series and you can see the flyer in the above photograph. Worth noting is that the release date has been changed from January to 23rd February and that the last name in the cast list is a new one (to me, anyway).

If you haven't already seen it, cast is:
Kanou Somuku: Kosugi Juurouta-san
Ayase Yukiya: Fukuyama Jun-san
Someya Kaoruko: Tobita Nobuo-san
Gion Toranosuke: Okiayu Ryoutarou-san
Kuba Homare: Tsujitani Kouji-san
Kuba Misao: Hatano Wataru-san
Ishii Tetsuo: Kakihara Tetsuya

I also saw a promo for ICE, which also has a flyer above. It looked good, but I've never heard anything about it!

Cast is...
Hitomi (ヒトミ): Minagawa Junko-san
Yuki: Ono Erena-san
Satsuki: Mamiya Kurumi-san
Kisaragi: Ootori Yoshino-san
Julia: Ishida Akira-san
Rinne: Ooshima Yuuko-san
Aoi: Kasai Tomomi-san
Murasaki: Satou Natsuki-san
Usuha: Imai Yuu-san
Hitomi (瞳): Ikezawa Haruna-san
Mint: Secret!

I actually bought only two doujinshi. I got the doll magazine Kouga Yun-sensei contributes to and a Roy/Ed doujinshi. Even though I don't watch FMA, I thought I'd give it a go because the art was really good and it was Ed with cat ears. But, on second thoughts, I'm not sure I like it because Ed is too babyish. Maybe it would be funny if I knew the series?
Sharon: FMA Ed Geniussharona1x2 on 29th December 2006 09:08 (UTC)
Maybe it would be funny if I knew the series?

I think so, but it's probably because I like the pairing, and I think that's so totally unlike Ed. ^_^

I'm glad you had fun at Comiket. It looks like you got some very nice stuff!
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th December 2006 14:28 (UTC)
I know a little, but I didn't really find it funny. I guess I fail at humour. ^^

Comiket was fun and I got lots of good stuff, but I threw away so much junk!
Thomas Vye: Sasori and Deidarathomasvye on 29th December 2006 09:09 (UTC)
^-^ I loved summer Comiket; I wish I could be there! XD You could have given your moegirl porn to random otaku. They'd have thanked you for it! lol!
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th December 2006 14:31 (UTC)
Wasn't summer Comiket really hot? I've never been because I don't know how I could get a day off work to go, but maybe one day. I didn't have moegirl porn as much as adverts for moegirl porn products, which are no good to anyone. :)
Thomas Vye: Deidara Is It Artthomasvye on 30th December 2006 14:36 (UTC)
Yeah, it was really hot. The comment I heard more than any other was "蒸し暑いですね!" It was one of those days when you desperately needed your facewipe on hand at all times. Big Sight was like the world's largest sauna!

Then about 3 in the afternoon on the Saturday, one of those huge storms broke - I got very lucky. I'd been planning to stay out but decided to take my stuff back to my hotel since I was going to the Tenimyu in the evening and didn't want to carry all my stuff - I'd have been completely drenched if I hadn't got the metro back 'home!'.
Iczer6iczer6 on 29th December 2006 19:00 (UTC)
'Project ICE' looks really interesting.
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th December 2006 14:31 (UTC)
I think so too. :)
Dhieta - D18 is the path I follow.....: Death Note//Wrong Numberarisuesei on 30th December 2006 01:28 (UTC)
IIRC, Hatano was Kasanoda on Ouran and Kakihara was Mikoto on Princess Princess.
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th December 2006 14:34 (UTC)
Yeah, I think so. There are lots of well-known names involved, aren't there?