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31 December 2006 @ 02:06
As you might have guessed, we finally got the internet up and running! This means we can now download media.

One of the first we got was d greyman #1, which wasn't really as good as I hoped. Sure, it was similar to the manga, but there was something missing. Maybe the voices weren't right? Anyway, I'll definitely download the next episodes if I can, since it was still pretty good.

The second was by complete accident. kuroe and I were looking through AnimeSuki for good series and we followed a link that just so happened to have episodes of My Boss, My Hero #1. I told him to download it because I can remember people saying... things about it. Specifically, that Adachi Osamu-san was in it and it was kind of stupid. Well, that's a rec to me!

Anyway, it was really funny apart from the bits where they randomly inserted animation into it. But yeah, I thought it was great! Though what really got me was how... intense Sakaki Maki's (Nagase Tomoya-san) relationship was with Sakurakouji Jun (Tegoshi Yuuya-san). It really was special and they're pretty cute together. Comedy and slashiness is a real winner for me.

Anyway, off to bed now. I... have no plans for new year. All my friends are spending it away from the Kantou area.
Thomas Vye: MyBossMyHerothomasvye on 30th December 2006 14:31 (UTC)
I LOVED My Boss My Hero! :D It was so cute, quite uplifting.
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th December 2006 14:36 (UTC)
I think I will like it too. I'm looking forward to the second episode. :)
The Imp of the Perversegiving_ground on 30th December 2006 14:31 (UTC)
I've seen half of My Boss, and really enjoyed it. I have to see the rest. :D But after the first couple of episodes I just didn't want to slash it. Well, maybe everyone has a crush on Maki, but he's definitely straight. XD;;
Williamgenkischuldich on 30th December 2006 14:38 (UTC)
But the slash in the first episode was so incredibly obvious! He gives Jun his pudding and says "...What is this feeling?" and all the standard BL staples. They are so cute!
The Imp of the Perversegiving_ground on 30th December 2006 14:39 (UTC)
XD;;; but but. Nah. The relationship with the girl is really nice. I actually like it.

I shall go hide in a corner now. ;)
Williamgenkischuldich on 31st December 2006 04:14 (UTC)
Ah, yes, there was that girl that thought he was cool, wasn't there? Ah, but I'm not in the mood for a pairing when a better one has been established first! :)
tirwolftirwolf on 30th December 2006 14:44 (UTC)
You still haven't sent me your address! Pout. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. How is Train? Do you still have him?
(Screened comment)
tirwolftirwolf on 31st December 2006 11:20 (UTC)
Not a problem. Thank you for sending it. So glad that you still have Train & that he is doing well. Did his eyes ever clear? Can you tell if any of his sight came back? It seems that your instincts were a lot better than the vet's that you originally took him to. I'm also glad that you had such a wonderful neighbor to help you out when you & Train needed it. Hope you all have a wonderful 2007.
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st January 2007 07:46 (UTC)
No, he's blind for life, but you couldn't really tell from his behaviour; it's his eyes that are the dead giveaway. We think he can sense either light/dark or air currents or is perhaps mildly psychic because he always knows where something is. It's weird how little being blind really affects him. The only thing is that he has definite preferences in music ("NO Nightwish, I'd prefer Tenimyu and Cruxshadows please!").

Anyway, thank you for your well wishes. I hope your 2007 is wonderful too!
strawberryjoy on 30th December 2006 15:15 (UTC)

Although I see it as being strictly one way.
Williamgenkischuldich on 31st December 2006 04:18 (UTC)
Sharon: D.Gray-man Kandasharona1x2 on 30th December 2006 15:24 (UTC)
I'm loving D.Gray-man, but I think I'm benefiting from not having read the manga. ^_^
Williamgenkischuldich on 31st December 2006 04:19 (UTC)
Ah, maybe so. I guess it's just not what I expected.
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on 30th December 2006 20:21 (UTC)
We might be doing something tonight, though I'm not sure what. ^^ If you want, send me or Eda a ketai mail. =D
Williamgenkischuldich on 31st December 2006 04:21 (UTC)
Okay! I'll give you a text! We were thinking of walking to the Meiji Jingu shrine (about an hour walk) or perhaps watching the new year sunrise from the roof of our apartment... but perhaps you have some better ideas?
Rae: Bic Runga// Daydream Believerguiltyschu on 31st December 2006 13:20 (UTC)
:D! 'My Boss My Hero' is brilliant and hilarious, though I downloaded it without knowing Adachi was in it and was quietly horrified (I could just never get behind him ._.). Haha, at first I was all like Maki/Sakurakouji FTW! too, then the het kind of ninja-d its way up on me and tackled me from behind. I've just decided all pairings are fine in MBMH, just so long as someone writes some damn fanfiction for it!

I couldn't get into d greyman from the first episode, and I've never read the manga. D: Should I give the manga a chance? A lot of people seem to like it, but the first episode of the anime didn't really grab me so I just sort of gave up on the series.
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st January 2007 07:40 (UTC)
So all my friends who love yaoi are now saying 'yay het' over this series...? Ooohh... that must be one hell of a het pairing! :)

Yeah, try the manga. I don't know if it's been translated though and if it HAS it's probably done by Viz (who I hate!).
Hal: [bleach] yachiru - smilebleu on 1st January 2007 06:57 (UTC)
Even if I don't stop by too much, I still stopping by to say I hope you're having a nice New Year anyway, even if all your friends are away (I know that feeling ^^;)! ^^
Williamgenkischuldich on 1st January 2007 07:48 (UTC)
Thanks for taking the time out to type a message -- I appreciate it! Luckily, we did get to meet up with friends after all, although they weren't my coworkers (who took advantage of the extended new year holiday). Hope you had a nice new year too!