William (genkischuldich) wrote,

As you might have guessed, we finally got the internet up and running! This means we can now download media.

One of the first we got was d greyman #1, which wasn't really as good as I hoped. Sure, it was similar to the manga, but there was something missing. Maybe the voices weren't right? Anyway, I'll definitely download the next episodes if I can, since it was still pretty good.

The second was by complete accident. kuroe and I were looking through AnimeSuki for good series and we followed a link that just so happened to have episodes of My Boss, My Hero #1. I told him to download it because I can remember people saying... things about it. Specifically, that Adachi Osamu-san was in it and it was kind of stupid. Well, that's a rec to me!

Anyway, it was really funny apart from the bits where they randomly inserted animation into it. But yeah, I thought it was great! Though what really got me was how... intense Sakaki Maki's (Nagase Tomoya-san) relationship was with Sakurakouji Jun (Tegoshi Yuuya-san). It really was special and they're pretty cute together. Comedy and slashiness is a real winner for me.

Anyway, off to bed now. I... have no plans for new year. All my friends are spending it away from the Kantou area.
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