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I like reading Miura Ryousuke-kun's blog... I would translate it, but I don't think anyone knows him really. I just think his sentence fragments are cute. :) It seems like he ate sushi while standing for the first time this year and it was a life-changing experience. It also looks like he went to Shibuya's Center Gai with Kohori Hiroyuki-san. Now I want to go there and eat sushi while standing up too (he says it's delicious and we should try it)... After pay day, okay? :P

From Moonphase:
  • Koutetsu Sangokushi ("Steel Annals of the Three Kingdoms"?) looks like it has a stunning voice cast. Which is a pity, since the official site is so badly designed to begin with and actually getting worse. I can remember seeing a cast list on there a few days ago, but now there's nothing. Huh? Googled it and it matches my memory. Cast is Miyano Mamoru-san, Koyasu Takehito-san, Saiga Mitsuki-san, Itou Kentarou-san, Ishida Akira-san, Suwabe Jun'ichi-san, Yusa Kouji-san, Nabatame Hitomi-san, Miki Shin'ichirou-san, Matsumoto Yasunori-san, Inoue Kazuhiko-san and Satou Rina-san. JUST LOOK AT THAT CAST. I wonder how it's related to The Annals of the Three Kingdoms? Is it bad to start thinking hopefully of what Minekura Kazuya-sensei did to the original Saiyuuki? In any case, there will a fifteen minutes radio show from 1.45am tonight hosted by Miyano Mamoru-san and Yusa Kouji-san.
  • For those curious about Anime!Miz, you can find a report of the Les Miserable after-recording. The photo features (from left to right) Sugawara Masashi-san, ?Hagiwara Emiko-san?, Director Sakurai Hiroaki-san, Nadzuka Kaori-san and Matsuyama Takashi-san.
  • The latest download of Busourenkin Radio is now available. Personalities are Fukuyama Jun-san and Yuzuki Ryouka-san with Madono Mitsuaki-san as guest.
  • Anyone else know of the upcoming Saiyuuki OAVs? Well, I didn't! Cast comments at Saiyuuki RELOAD -burial- OAV (the special is released 27th April). Features a photo of Seki Toshihiko-san.
  • Kaibutsu Oujo: Princess Resurrection now has a pre-open page.
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