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10 January 2007 @ 00:36

Airmyu is sparkly vampiric ghei campy pseudo-Shakespearean cracky inline-skating love.

And now for something completely different -- anime news from Moonphase!
  • El Cazador de la Bruja official site now open.
  • Ouran Koukou Host Club is getting made into a game for the PS2. The genre is adventure game (visual novel) and it'll be released this coming spring.
  • Popular online RPG, Maple Story is coming to the DS.
  • Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuuchou Tou will be showing on ANIMAX at 11pm on Friday nights from the nineteenth of this month.
  • The first episode of Nodame Cantabile Anime will be showing on Fuji TV at 1am on the "eleventh" (strictly the twelfth) of this month.
  • Konami's D.Gray-man trading card website.
  • ROCK MUSICAL BLEACH No Clouds in the Blue Heavens. They are also mailing flyers right now too.


    And back to the Airmyu review. I'm not really quite sure what to say. It was so awful it was fantastic and...and... I don't think I could even begin to say my feelings on it. It was so shiny and ghei! You should definitely go and see it. They have plenty of toujitsuken. ^^ I would go again if I could. Airmyu 2 plz?

    The general plot is that Akito/Agito has been kidnapped by an evil AT-endowed theatre group named Team Bacchus and they use his other personality to force him to betray Team Kogarasumaru. There's a long, drawn-out fight and then they hug and make up. Seriously. It's probably worth mentioning that I've neither read the manga nor watched the anime. This musical is, at a guess, so far away from its original target audience you could measure it in light years.

    The stage consisted of a ramp in the centre and there was a track that led off it and looped through the audience. I guess that meant that late-comers weren't allowed if their seat was near the front...? Well GOOD! Theatres in Japan are way too lenient about that kind of thing. Anyway, it meant that the actors could sparkle their way through the audience.

    First I need to mention the costumes. Team Bacchus wore sparkly theatrical outfits and the leader got to wear a cape. Their inline skates were attached to black boots with gold trim. It was SO sparkly and awesome. And, they're named after Shakespeare characters (although only Puck isn't the name of a title character and claimed to be miffed about that). And yes, there are two characters named Romeo and Juliet. They're both male (Kamiyama Ryuuji-san and Matsumoto Hiroya-san). They're in love and dance together. I liked them very much, obviously.

    One of my favourite characters was Akito/Agito, who seems to have a double personality. When his eyepatch covers one side, he's cute (and has a crush on Ikki?). When it covers the other side, he's cute and a little aggressive. But when I checked out the actor's profile in the pamphlet, I had to use brain bleach to flush out the memory of his date of birth. ICK! TOO YOUNG!!

    There was a scene where they had to do a tongue twister and only Macbeth got it right. It was something like (from memory) 「俺の故郷はコロラドだ、コロラドだぞ、コロラドだ!」 [Ore no kokyou wa KORORADO da, KORORADO da zo, KORORADO da!]. A spotlight fell on the other side of the stage and Kenn jumped on and said it more or less correctly, then Tsuda-san jumped on and just messed it up. It was funny. I really like Tsuda-san this time around and it made up for his disappointing performance last time (in 'Dopondo'). He seemed happier too.

    One thing that I'm disappointed about is that one of my photosets went missing! When I got back home, Kamakari Kenta-san's had GONE. I took photos of the others though and will post them if no one else does. One thing that was really nice about them was that the fourth photo shows the actor in front of everyone from his group. So you get to see them together. I like that. If I actually had money, I would have bought them as a set.

    You can also read nitaspitas' review here.
    百加☆nitaspitas on 9th January 2007 20:16 (UTC)
    lol, love your description of it XD From what I understand in the anime, Akito is totally in love with Ikki, which does in retrospect seem kind of strange given the target audience for that... but maybe not...? さあ、ね *shrugs* He's my favorite part of the anime, too, but he didn't come in until right before I stopped watching for a while. And yes, while adorable, he is way way too young... ><
    Williamgenkischuldich on 10th January 2007 17:53 (UTC)
    It's in the anime? I figured it was just in there for the super-gay musical. :P
    百加☆nitaspitas on 10th January 2007 18:12 (UTC)
    heh, no, Akito's just super-gay in the cutest sense of the word. KenKen and Akito on stage was pretty much the same in the anime. *hearts* I'm pretty sure it's manga cannon, too XD
    Sharon: D.Gray-man Kandasharona1x2 on 9th January 2007 21:18 (UTC)
    They really are making a lot of anime-related musicals. ^___^
    Williamgenkischuldich on 10th January 2007 17:53 (UTC)
    Yep, I hope they do a second one for this. I don't think Naruto did too well (at least, that's my impression).
    Raeguiltyschu on 9th January 2007 23:59 (UTC)
    *laughs* I couldn't really get into the Air Gear manga or anime (though I enjoyed the anime loads more) but this musical sounds like it may be just my sort of thing! :D Far away from it's original target audience...whatever, it can get a new target audience!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 10th January 2007 17:54 (UTC)
    Yep, I really want to read the manga now, I think. Even though I hear it isn't very good...
    ka.g.eryuu: myud0rk luv: kazuki kenta & ryuu [eiryuu on 21st January 2007 18:51 (UTC)

    please do give the manga a go! imho it's quite Worth the read~ *going to pick up book 16 tmr <3 *

    ...the anime, on the other hand... uhm.. T___T";;;;

    unless one really wants to hear tsudaken, kenta and kenn voicing the characters they're acting in the myu --and it's kenta's first seiyuu role, which i headdesked+LAUGHed at aLOT, poor boy ^^"; --personally though, i have yet to watch more than uhh 5 or so episodes?

    the art disappointed quite abit (even if hey, finally; Colour~!), considering the manga-art's high quality; but then it's kinda to be expected given the typical Extreme Case of Rushed-Job Anime-Adaptation they did =_="### alittle upsetting; as the manga is so much more solid and well. makes more sense.. continuity-wise and then some, since the anime naturally (but oh.so.Awkwardly.) cut some bits out... here's hoping the episodes i haven't watched're better than those i -have-...

    uhm, yeah. sorry for this much outta-nowhere randomness o_o";;;

    (haha yeah, akito has this really big thing for ikki in the manga [& anime] -- the manga is so chockfulla much much Fodder coughs -- and kenn's character Kazu also has this rather good-looking megane'd (canonical!) fruitcake's attentions...)

    Thanks Tonnes for the review! And the Photos of the stuff you bought!!

    *is in Glee that nagashima's turned out with the adorableness i .knew. he was hiding behind the uncertain (half-baked) smiles of the magazine shoots; it is So Good to just *smile* and think 'Mwaha. i Told You So.' at the people who just took One Look at his earlier photos and went "Sorry. Cannot Make It." (trans.: 'doesn't make the cut') >DDD* xD

    [[am really heartaching for you on the missing photoset though T_T -- that's a horrible thing to have happened DDDD= ]]

    thanks muchly again! *glompz your feet!*
    ka.g.eryuu: freaked bunny from narutoeiryuu on 21st January 2007 19:41 (UTC)
    -- was in such a hurry to go 'ohnoes, but the manga's .good.! imho anyway T_T' that i completely forgot the fact that it was comment+Thread i was replying to O_O";;;;

    Sorry for the thread hijack!! T_T";;;;;;

    and the manga's Solidness starts slow, which has sadly deterred many would-be readers who started from the beginning--

    kogarasumaru as a Team is only established about book 5 or so, although solid character foundations/interactions start off from like, page zero. first few books also have many for-fanboy moments / has this MaleAudienceTargeted-feel which also seems to edge out uh, more ..hmm..Focused? fangirl readers n_n"?

    but there are ikki-kazu moments from possibly the moment kazu becomes un-faceless, like uhm mid-book one i think? coughs.. and thereafter books 2-3 show minor broadening-of-audience shifts (buccha shows up, gets Airtime. kazu and onigiri get Faces and Personalities; then SpitFire appears) and ak/gito shows up @ book 4... ^__^ by then there's already this Something-For-Everyone feel to it, and the art just gets better n__n"~ <333

    but that's uhm fansessing, from a fan haha n_n";;; *runs off to sleep ^^";;;; *
    Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd January 2007 15:36 (UTC)
    Re: ...oops.
    No worries! There's no such thing as comment hijacking in this journal. :P

    Interesting what you say about the manga improving, since the fanservice put many of my friends off, it seems.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 22nd January 2007 15:32 (UTC)
    The sad truth of the matter is that, much as I love Kenn, he's yet to voice a character in a series I'm interested in. I do like TsudaKen, but I kind of went off him recently due to a bad performance in another play...

    The manga shouldn't be difficult to find, so maybe I'll give it a go. Thanks! :)

    And thanks for the sympathy about the photo set. I felt pretty sad when I realised it was gone.
    Mewgokumew2 on 10th January 2007 00:49 (UTC)
    Another BLEACH Musical? I've still yet to watch the first two. X.D Then again the only TeniMyu performances I've seen are the first, Hyoutei, Hyoutei WinterMyu, and DL3. .^^;

    I'm loking forward to the Nodame anime though I know nothing about the series 'cept that it's got something to do with music. Just wanna hear Suwabe, LoL.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 10th January 2007 17:55 (UTC)
    Oh, you should watch them! They're great! I went to the Bleach Live tonight too and it was SO good!