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11 January 2007 @ 03:42
From Moonphase:
  • Takemiya Keiko-sensei's famous SF manga Terra e... will be made into an anime. She is also responsible for 'Kaze to Ki no Uta' ("The Song of the Wind and the Trees"), which was turned into a beautifully sad OAV. It's one of the classic BL manga. However, I don't believe that 'Terra e...' is BL.
  • The cast for Gurren Lagann has been announced.
    Simon: Kakihara Tetsuya-san
    Kamina: Konishi Katsuyuki-san
    Yoko: Inoue Marina-sam
    Leeron: Onosaka Masaya-san
    Viral: Hiyama Nobuyuki-san
  • The people behind Koutetsu Sangokushi really are trying to get their website together. Shame, it's totally my pick of the season. Anyway, they put up a character design (looks good!). And everything else that they deleted before.
  • The cast has been added for MOONLIGHT MILE. The cast are Inoue Kazuhiko-san, Hirata Hiroaki-san and Tanaka Rie-san.

    Now, my ROCK MUSICAL BLEACH the LIVE Bankai SHOW code:001 review. First off, it's a beautiful venue. I'm not used to that! It was really big, the acoustics were fantastic and there were so many people! The energy everyone was generating was amazing and it reminded me of Tagensanbruch: The Last Live 03 or Dream Live 3rd in that sense. Everyone seemed enthusiastic!

    It opens with the entire cast sitting seiza-style in a straight line and the stage set-up like the kabuki. Each of the cast introduced their character and talked about some of their wishes for the new year. They all talked just like they do at kabuki, including the rise and fall of their voice and the super-polite forms.

    Okay, so you're wondering about that LJ cut, huh? A little later, Gin wants to sing a duet. He's my favourite Burimyu character because Tuti has this gorgeous intonation. He's really good! Anyway, so everyone naturally wants to have the duet with him... so they hold a janken tournament. Renji wins!

    So they do that enka-style duet that they did in the last musical (about opening doors with all the special hand movements). And Renji was acting terribly feminine and singing about an octave higher -- his entire posture changed and he adopted the mannerisms required of a proper lady in the theatre (I should know -- I'm completely unladylike and so Sensei makes me practice things like holding fans in the correct manner when I'm about to sing). Anyway, he was SO good and this was my favourite scene by a long shot! It was made even better when Izuru came on and Gin approaches and approaches and their noses are TOUCHING and just about everyone in the audience is screaming... and then Gin just goes 'Kidding!' and walks off.

    The second half was good too, but a little more serous if I remember correctly. It's 3.30am, so maybe not... It starts with a huge piece of scaffolding being wheeled on. The shinigami are all on it, each of them holding lanterns. The lighting added lots of textures and it looked amazing. There was also a scene where some of the cast change into... traditional hakama, I guess? It looked really cool!

    Finally, the encore was 'Goodbye Sayonara' and they all came into the audience for that one. The unnamed cast members came up to the second floor, so there was someone right beside us. I really must learn the hand movements for that one... It's sort of right wave... left wave... strange wiggle... right wave... left wave... Then I'm lost. :P

    Overall, I loved it! Can't wait to see the musical!
    百加☆nitaspitas on 10th January 2007 19:20 (UTC)
    gah, I totally wish I could've gotten a day off to go back to Tokyo to see this (stupid blackout days ><) I was wondering why you were still up :P I'd already fallen asleep and was woken up by my light that I'd forgotten to turn off... Thanks for the review! I can't wait for the dvd to come out! ^^
    Williamgenkischuldich on 11th January 2007 12:27 (UTC)
    Yeah, if I wait to write it down I'll just forget what happened! Ah well, at least you'll get to see the DVD!
    Cass: Hitsugaya's chest *squee*cluelesschase on 12th January 2007 10:23 (UTC)
    *laughs* My friend and I spent ages learning that dance in school, much to the amusement of all our other friends. Thanks for the review~ *waits impatiently for it to come out on DVD*
    Williamgenkischuldich on 13th January 2007 17:03 (UTC)
    I wish I'd spent a little more time on it too!

    I'm looking forward to the DVD too! :)