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On Wednesday night, I went to the cinema with kuroe to see Casino Royale. I thought it was a fascinating deconstruction of the Bond mythos, even though I'm sure that most people will just look at me funny if I say that.

Take the idea of the "Bond Girl". In the past, she's been a beautiful woman in very little clothing who can't help falling in love with Bond's charms. In this, the first woman who could be seen as fitting this description is the almost silent wife of [Villain Whose Name I Can't Remember], who's verbally and emotionally abused and goes to Bond when her husband loses a nice car to him. Bond then makes out with her purely for information. More realistic, perhaps, but very interesting when you put the "Bond Girl" template over it.

Additionally, Bond is really quite a nasty and arrogant bastard who's out to prove something. Once again, contrast with the suave Bond who sometimes accidentally comes across in that manner, but is never acknowledged as being as such in the source material.

Finally, I thought one of the first scenes with the free-running was very, very cool. Much more interesting than the standard climactic battle.

I managed to get some nice trousers for work from UNIQLO on Wednesday. Near the store, there was a huge book fayre with lots of antique Japanese books, old copies of Jrock magazines, children's books, random issues of Fantastic Four, idol magazines and Potato and manga. In the end, I bought two doujinshi. The first was a fluffy-but-hardcore golden pair doujinshi. I liked it because Ooishi and Kikumaru switched and both seemed very happy. The second started with Yamato selling a little Tezuka-rabbit to Inui. I really liked the second one!

From Moonphase:
  • A few screenshots and snippets of information concerning Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
  • After-recording comment and photos from some of the women involved in ICE.
  • I haven't really got into Code Geass yet (no space left on my comp!), but these look so cute! They're chibi statues (about 60 mm tall) with real voice samples.
  • Yasuda Tsuyoshi-sensei's Over Drive is going to be made into a TV anime.

    I was meaning to ask, what would you guys make of either a Weiss Kreuz fanfic exchange or a contest timed to end on White Day? Which would you prefer, if any?
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