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23 January 2007 @ 01:39
From Moonphase:
  • The Saiyuuki -burial- website has been renewed.
  • MOONLIGHT MILE now has a promo movie.
  • ... and there are also cast comments from the seiyuu. Includes high-quality shots of the whole cast, which includes Hirata Hiroaki-san and Inoue Kazuhiko-san

    My cat is so cute! She just climbed up my husband (who was standing) and perched on his shoulder, eating his hair. She likes hair... (We are stopping her, but it's very difficult)

    Today, I took part in a New Year Karuta Tournament and came second! It's a game where someone reads out a poem and you slap the card on the table which has the matching hiragana. I got a towel as a prize.

    I also got to play hanetsuki for the first time ever! You might've seen that game played in Tennis no Oujisama or other anime for the New Year Specials...? You have this little wooden paddle and a feather and you try to hit it back and forth. I SUCKED. :P (But luckily my face wasn't marked, because I had to head off to work almost immediately...

    Working Wednesday... Already too tired.

    My package the other day was actually my kimono. Well, it's good to have it now!

    Finally, a haiku, in honour of that fact that people are insisting they've seen snow in the Chiba area. I can't promise it's grammatically coherent since I can't even type English well right now.

    雪花や 郵便受けを 抱き締める

    After Bashou. :PP
    ex_yohjidera753 on 22nd January 2007 18:52 (UTC)
    I have a cat that likes to eat hair too. I worry sometimes because mine is long and I don't want him ingesting it for obvious reasons.

    But it is incredibly cute when he tackles my partners hair.

    He puts his front paw right on her head and won't let her move! ^__^

    Cats are just so cute sometimes!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 25th January 2007 14:34 (UTC)
    Yeah, mine is sitting in my lap right now. But he ate my husband's shoelaces today and coughed them up on the carpet... He really does likes anything long and thin, including computer cables.