William (genkischuldich) wrote,

My BPAL package arrived today! It smells so good -- all of it! But I don't know which to wear first. It really should be Kabuki, of course, since I have a shamisen lesson in about two hours but...

I also appear to have picked up eight additional imps ("frimps", yes?).

#20 Love Oil // Anne Bonny // Arcana // Baghdad // Black Cat // Black Lotus // Black Phoenix // Blood // Blood Countess // Blood Kiss // Bordello // The Caterpillar // Catherine // Centzon Totochtin // Devil's Claw // Dorian // Dragon's Heart // Dragon's Milk // Eclipse // Fallen // Glasgow // Gluttony // The Hanging Gardens // Hecate // Hellcat // The Hesperides // Inferno // Jack // Kabuki // Lady Macbeth // Lampades // Medea // Miskatonic University // Nephilim // Odin // Oblivion // Pannychis // Peitho // Polyhymnia // Port Royal // Queen Mab // The Red Queen // Seance // Seraglio // Somnus // Sudha Segara // Szepasszony // Tamora // Velvet // Zephyr

Quick! Which one first?

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