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30 January 2007 @ 22:22
My coworker recced this site to me:


This is amazing. You sign up and list a couple of your favourite songs and they construct a streaming music station out of it. You can endorse or flag songs, modifying it even further. Looking at their FAQ, it seems that they're completely legit too.

(However, because of that, they only allow Americans to listen and require a postcode. I hear 90210 is very nice at this time of year.)

BPAL: Dragon's Milk

What They Say: "A truly fae nectar! Dragon's blood resin and honeyed vanilla."

Do dragons suckle their young? I didn't think so. I'm pretty sure they lay eggs, in fact. Maybe this is milk FOR dragons? Anyway, I actually got this as a frimp, so I decided I would try it on first since I had no preconceptions and it wouldn't be so much of a disappointment if it was bad since it wasn't one of the ones I wanted.

Bottle: Pretty good, like milky roses.

Skin: I can just smell a single rose. Disappointing...

Dried: But wait! The milky scent has returned. Mmm... Lovely now. It fades to vanilla later. I'm wondering if the dragon's blood resin brings out some kind of aggression in people, though? Maybe it was just the way Sensei was scolding me about my lack of ability in kimono-folding. I'm keeping this one though, I think.
Williamgenkischuldich on 2nd February 2007 04:19 (UTC)
Yes... although sometimes it really does some weird stuff. I just got Cliff Richard. CLIFF RICHARD.

Yeah, I really liked Dragon's Milk, although I will have to see how it compares to others.