William (genkischuldich) wrote,

For once, I'm at a complete loss as to how to translate WSB. My right hand cradles the cat in my lap, my left hand holds open WARD and my other hand stops kitty from making a nest in my shirt. I don't think I have any hands left to type with!

Reactions and spoilers under the cut. The title for this issue is "Warped Reflection" (歪んだ影-Yuganda Kage). More about the reasons for that slightly strange translation under the cut.

Wow! That was awesome and I think we've cleared up a lot of the plotholes and there were some really nice twists that were all properly thought out. Actually, a lot of this issue reminds me of oldskool!Weiss (including villains that become ugly once they reveal themselves, although that might've been the fault of the animation).

The main one? CEDRIC IS A SIDE-A MEMBER? And soon afterwards, he reveals himself to be batshit and scarred. Also, I have a bit of a thing for Jack, perhaps because he reminds me of Kapitel!Youji. I think "Cedric" does too. So cute, doing their batshit and scarred routine side by side.

About the title: we usually associate the word 'shadow' with the word 'kage', although it's a different kanji that has such a limited definition. This one, while it can mean 'shadow', can also mean light or image. So I think 'warped reflection' is appropriate.

Great issue! Translation to follow in the next few days, I would think.

I heard more about DL4... and I wonder how the hell I'm going to get tickets without paying a fortune.

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