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From Moonphase:
  • They're starting to release information on the Blue Dragon anime. I read the first chapter of the manga and, while the general background was really interesting, the writing was awful. As you might expect though, the art was pretty good. I don't know if the anime will follow the manga, but it won't follow the game. Anyway, it'll be broadcast from April on TV Tokyo. Cast is as follows (mostly romanised literally, I don't know the official ones):
    Shuu: Nemoto Keiko-san
    Jiiro: Namikawa Daisuke-san
    Kurukku: Hazuki Erino-san
    Marumaro: Uran Sakiko-san
    Zora: Paku Romi-san
    Blue Dragon: Takatuka Masaya-san
    Minotaurus: Ochiai Kouji-san
    Saber Tiger: Horikawa Jin-san
  • The cast has been revealed for Darker Than Black.
    Hei: Kiuchi Hidenobu-san (YES!)
    In: Fukuen Misato-san
    Mao: Sawaki Ikuya-san
    Hwan: Ikeda Masaru-san
    Mizuki Nana-san
    Shimura Tomoyuki-san
    Fukuda Nobuaki-san
    Toriumi Kousuke-san
    Inamura Yuuna-san
    Ikemizu Michihiro-san
    Sakamoto Chika-san

    More Black Phoenix reviews...


    What They Say: Cherubic white sandalwood and golden musk with a dark halo of amber, a breath of imperial florals, unbending woods, and the shadow cast by vetiver and violet.

    Bottle: It smells so ordinary. Even Kabuki, which I hated, was never ordinary.

    Skin: Spicy, a little floral.

    Dried: Same as above. Maybe I should try this one again? I don't know... it's just not very exciting for me. But it IS a good basic scent. Reading the description again, makes it sound amazing. Hmm.


    What They Say: Named after the Roman God of Sleep. This blend helps bring on deep, restful, natural sleep.

    Bottle: Roses(?).

    Skin: You can smell the roses, but the scent is more complex that that, so -- objectively-speaking -- it's a rather nice scent.

    Dried: This is supposed to make you feel sleepy? No, no, NO. It made me feel sad and empty. Roses make me nostalgic for England and make me think of times past. Not a good scent to fall asleep to.


    What They Say: A mysterious, enigmatic blend of dry, mellow rosewood, crushed rose leaf and the slightest touch of warm hazel.

    Bottle: I'm not sure about this one at all. Smells interesting though, which will always make me happy.

    Skin: Has a very 'dry' scent. I vaguely remember this one was meant to conjure up images of Victorian dining rooms and the like. It's working.

    Dried: This one was a real mistake to wear to work; it's gorgeous and has a real creative streak behind it, but it is definitely (defiantly?) 'gothic'. I like it!

    The Hesperides

    What They Say: Their perfume is that of sturdy oak bark, dew-kissed leaves, twilight mist and crisp apple.

    Bottle: Something familiar, but I can't quite place it?

    Skin: Hmm... Smells like pear and dirt. After some dicussion, we realised it must be apple. And dirt.

    Dried: It's really quite nice, but it still has that earthy undertone. I'll happily exchange this one for another interesting scent.

    I still haven't started on the WSB... I'm so sorry. ^^ I don't feel well at all right now.
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