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19 February 2007 @ 23:33
So the good news is that the times for DL4 have been announced... and I can go to just one of the performances after work!

The sort-of-good, but kind-of-frustrating news is that I have details on how to get presale tickets but I have no idea if I can act on that. Telephones terrify me. Automated telephone lines scare me. Automated telephone lines in Japanese TERRIFY me. Also I have a massive headache and can't read for shit. I don't think I'll be able to understand the instructions tomorrow either.

Interestingly, most performances are limited to four tickets as usual, but you can only get two for the last one. I think that might be a new idea? Well, at least they're trying. A little.

(Of course, that probably means that the last show will be fabulous and shiny and unmissable. Except, of course, I will be missing it.)

I think that between two specified dates I have to type in a string of over twenty digits into a top secret telephone line. Then, between two other dates, I have to type in a further twenty or so digits. Then there's a lottery, I lose and get the tickets off Yahoo!Auctions. There's GOT to be an easier way.

30th March: 2pm // 7pm
31st March: 11am // 3pm // 7pm

From Moonphase:
  • LoveCon anime now has a pre-open page.

    If you like Shindou Gaku-san, you should check out Miura Ryousuke-san's blog as it has pictures of the two togther. In fact, due to his work in Bambino, Miura-san often shows pictures of himself with Tenimyu boys. Last month, he had a picture of JURI-san playing with his Wii. :P That's not to say I don't like Miura-san in his own right. :)

    When I went to Shibuya the other day, I even noticed the standing sushi bar he went to! I wasn't deliberately looking.
    Pez }}morning.maple{{yuki_scorpio on 19th February 2007 15:44 (UTC)
    Maybe you could ask one of your students to do you a favour and help you make the phonecall...?
    Williamgenkischuldich on 19th February 2007 16:10 (UTC)
    Hmm... I'm not really meant to get involved to that extent. Besides, it really is just typing in numbers until I get to a certain stage where I have to listen to (five?) numbers. And I should be able to hear numbers. If not, I should probably let someone else buy my ticket!
    Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on 19th February 2007 22:13 (UTC)
    Wow, how did you get the presale information? I'm still waiting..... ;o; If you manage to get tickets, try for one for me too if you're going to the second day?

    Last time they were done the same way. One of us didn't get any tickets, but the other did, it's really annoying.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 20th February 2007 02:45 (UTC)
    I managed to get on the mailing list. I guess even that's a lottery then...?

    Unfortunately, I'm not going on the second day. I can only go to the latest performance on Friday. I would love to go to the final performance on Saturday, but it's impossible. ;_;