William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Anime news from Moonphase:
  • They've added more names to the cast list for Gurren Lagann. Frankly, it's getting silly. Not a week goes by without them adding another name. I know it keeps people interested, but it becomes ridiculous the third or fourth time you do it.
  • The Bokura no... website has undergone renewal, listing the broadcast times and channels (local channels, from April). The cast is more interesting.

    Ushiro: Minagawa Junko-san
    Kana: Asumi Kana-san
    Kanji: Nojima Kenji-san
    Machi: Sanpei Yuuko-san
    Anko: Makino Yui-san
    Komo: Noto Mamiko-san
    Kirie: Asanuma Shintarou-san
    Maki: Higa Kumiko-san
    Moji: Miyata Kouki-san
    Chizu: Takahashi Ao-san
    Kako: Fujita Yoshinori-san
    Nakama: Iguchi Yuka-san
    Daichi: Sugita Tomokazu-san
    Kodama: Hoshi Souichirou-san
    Waku: Sakaguchi Daisuke-san
    Kokoperi: Toochi Hiroki-san
    Koemushi: Ishida Akira-san

  • Darker Than Black now has another promo video. While watching, please consider that Kiuchi Hidenobu-san is the lead character and add this to your to-watch list. :)
  • Cast comment and photograph from the Skullman seiyuu. Features Seki Tomokazu-san, Yoshino Hiroyuki-san, Tasaka Hideki-san, Orikasa Fumiko-san, Yasumura Makoto-san, Kawasumi Ayako-san and Katou Masayuki-san surrounded by a very odd-looking gentleman.

    I entered the Tenimyu lottery today, so maybe I'll get tickets for myself, kuroe, kurayamihimitsu and her friend. Just don't get your hopes up, okay? This is just a lottery entry. ^^

    ...I need chocolate and my husband just bought home a sofa.
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