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I ate a whole chocolate bar because there was nothing else to eat and now I feel really sick. Stupid. I am also 11 pages into WSB translation.

From Moonphase:
  • Moonphase tells me that, in fact, a Koutetsu Sangokushi event was recently announced for the Tokyo International Anime Fair. I was GLEE and clicked on the link to find... nothing. Seriously guys, sort out your webpage. It's beyond a joke. Anyway, it's not on days I can go to -- 24th and 25th of March. If you can make it to the fair, please do, since it's fantastic!
  • Love Con cast announced!

    Koizumi Risa: Okamura Akemi-san
    Ootani Atsushi: Nagata Akira-san
    Nakao Heikichi: Higashi Saori-san
    Tanaka Chiharu: Kojima Kazuko-san
    Suzuki Ryouji: Tsuda Kenjirou-san
    Fukagawa Haruka: Onosaka Masaya-san

    Kotobuki Seishirou: Takimoto Fujiko-san
    Maiti: Suwabe Jun'ichi-san
    Kanzaki Mayu: Matsuoka Yuki-san
    Yoshioka Mimi: Araki Kae-san
    Kohori Kazuki: Kamakari Kenta-san

    Three Anipuri boys and a Tenimyu boy...!
  • I know I mentioned Terra e... was getting animated, but did I mention the cast? Or is that new?

    Jomi Marquis: Saiga Mitsuki-san
    Soldier Blue: Sugita Tomokazu-san
    Keith Anian: Koyasu Takehito-sama
    Fishis: Kobayashi Sanae-san
    Seki Rei Shiroe: Inoue Marina-san

    Sam Houston: Hatano Wataru-san
    Harlei: Kosugi Juurouta-san
    Rio: Namikawa Daisuke-san

    Oh yeah, this anime suffers from "Gundam Naming Syndrome" which means you can't possibly predict the actual romanisation from the katakana and will change depending on the whims of subbers and posible official publication. But YES! I love it every time I see Koyasu-san's name appear on a cast list. Really, this is a great cast all round.
  • Cast comment and photograph from RomeoxJuliet seiyuu. OMGHE'SRIDINGAPEGASUS.
  • Screencaps, photograph and comments from Seki Toshihiko on Saiyuuki -burial-.
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