William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I bought a DL4 ticket on Yahoo Auctions last night. I'm not ecstactic about it (although I am happy since it means I can go), because I wanted both tickets they were offering. And some idiot kept pushing up the bid, which meant the price of both tickets had to increase. It wasn't much more than my DL3 ticket, so...

Speaking of tickets, Bambino 2 info from suthrnbellechan! So many things to buy all at the same time...

So, that's DL4, Bleachmyu and Bambino 2 that I really want to see. I was also considering Worldcon. Looking forward to Burimyu... I'm going with kuroe and kurayamihimitsu! And kurayamihimitsu flies in next week from Hokkaidou! :)

Note to self: when you free enough space on your harddrive, download this. I love BL (& related) crack so much. *chooses appropriate icon*

Got SO MUCH to do today. I feel kind of overwhelmed.

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