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Gin on the rocks.

I've been so busy lately! Last week I went to a Korean cooking class and learned to cook many delicious food items.

On Tuesday, I went to a sentou ("public bath") for the first time with some friends. I was too scared to go in the past because the idea of walking around naked in front of strangers and accidentally doing something wrong scared me. However, my friends knew what they were doing and it was lots of fun! But it never occurred to me that such scenes from harem anime were accurate~!

On Thursday I went to 100% Chocolate Cafe near Tokyo station with kurayamihimitsu.

The cocoa there is fantastic, but I don't think I can eat chocolate again for a long time. The second picture shows a combination of real chocolate icecream and espresso -- I was really hyper!

Which was just as well, because Rock Musical Bleach was in the evening.

To say that everything I know about Bleach comes from the musical is not entirely true. I've seen random episodes here and there and even tried to read the Viz translation of the manga (I didn't like it). But, you know, it's pretty close. I'll probably screw up plot details in this.

Goumoto Naoya-san is the first on stage and delivers a monologue. I liked him more than I did in the Bankai Live, but I can't get over the fact that he looks just like Kaidou. It's those lips. Those are definitely Kaidou's lips.

However, there's one person I'm obsessed with in this musical...

I love his voice. I love the way he walks like a traditional actor. I don't know much about Gin, but I LOVE Tuti!Gin. (I have to confess that it suprised me that he was evil because he's so obviously creepy that it had to be a red herring.)

After a few solos, the staging turns round and the entire group is the for the opening song. It seems to go "?Yuurei? Soul Society..." followed by something in Japanese and something in English. Anyway, it's actually pretty catchy!

One of the first fights I remember was Yoruichi versus Soifon, who I think used to be her bodyguard. They both took off excess clothing to fight which pleased me because Yoruichi's orange top is hideous. And does "unconventional" have to mean leggings...? Apart from this, I actually quite like her. Soifon has a very strong singing voice that I really liked.

Just before the interval, Hinamori meets with Gin. He drawls "Welcome. Hinamori-cha~n." The theatre goes dark. One of my highlights.

In the next part, there's a flasback to Hitsugaya, Aizen and Hinamori watching fireworks, which must've been in winter since they were wearing scarves. It's also Hitsugaya's birthday, which he doesn't want to remember. But they're so happy together.

Back to Gin and Hinamori. Gin tells her to turns around and, standing on the staging, is Aizen! She runs to him and -- since this is a musical -- starts singing about times past.

During this, you can see Aizen reaching for his knife.

I love those two together! If it wasn't for the fact I'd seen the anime episodes where this happens (by complete coincidence, too) I think I'd be devastated by this scene. It was fantastic.

And then... Hitsugaya is killed too which leads to a confrontation where Aizen reaches inside Rukia and pulls out something sparkly called ?Hougyoku?. And then he, Tousen and Gin... float off on rocks. I love my FloatyRock!Gin. Yes.

There are some vignettes which follow, which segued into the usual 'Half Hour Fifteen Minutes of Randomness' at the end. My favourite featured Izuru (another character I love!) repeating mournfully, 'Gin... Gin... Gin... I don't believe it..." There was some more special friendship between Yoruichi and Soifon too. And, on the same subject, there seemed to be a little Ichigo x Renji love (although much more Ichigo x Rukia).

How could I not mention Gin? He did this fantastic dance with Tousen and Aizen. And the last song seemed to feature "No Clouds In The Blue Heavens" as its main lyric.

I photographed one of the photographs in Tuti's photoset, but it takes a lot of attempts to get a good photograph. It reflects if I use flash and you can't see anything, but it blurs if I take the flash off. So, if you want to see more photosets, you'll have to tell me which ones you want to see. Sorry. ^^ I also have some extras (one of each only, if that) available, if you want any. I bought everyone, just to get the sign boards. Some of them I won't want. Maybe. No way am I parting with my TAIIN set though!
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