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I think... I think it IS connected to Weiss Kreuz. I think it is!!

The Tokyo International Anime Fair was held at the Big Sight from the 22nd to the 25th of March 2007. The 25th and 25th were the public days and, at the Wedge Holdings booth, there was a special screening of the pilot film for "VELVET UNDER WORLD".

The special screening was announced at this site only a little while before but people started gathering and the booth was packed by mid-morning. Thirty minutes before the movie was screened, there were a ton of people waiting for the event to start in front of the monitor.

And so the event started and everyone fixed their eyes at the sceen. It started with a message from the creator of the project and the singer of the theme song, Koyasu Takehito-san. He talked in earnest about his feelings in regards to "VELVET UNDER WORLD" and his thoughts on the project. Koyasu-san spent a lot of time discussing his ideas and is clearly considering it very deeply.

And so the second half, restricted to those who attended the Tokyo International Anime Fair, was the screening of the long version of the pilot. Over the sounds of the image song "ALTERNATIVE", many charming characters were introduced! Do you remember them?

And, just like that, it was over. There was a limited edition "VELVET UNDER WORLD" Tokyo International Anime Fair card for everyone that had participated. On the front is a cool illustration of the main characters by Sakaki Kuuya-sensei and on the back is the main character AYA[*]... But only those who came to the showing know the full details about that. Although the image is small, it might give you a few ideas as to its significance.

The pilot film of "VELVET UNDER WORLD" was shown four times in that two day period. Those who came made it a wonderful event. Our thanks to everyone who came and everyone who sent us messages of support.

In a few days, this official homepage will have a character introduction page added and, even for those people who weren't able to come to the screening, a look at one character at a time. So please look forward to it!

[*] This is written in capitals in the Roman alphabet. "Our" Aya's name is written in katakana.

Well, this is poorly-timed for April Fool's, huh? But if it is, it's Koyasu-sama's, not mine.

I swear I will get back to answering comments very soon. Sorry. ^^
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