William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Well, I haven't written much because of the exciting news over Velvet Under World and going to Tenimyu. But it's still busy over here! On Saturday night, to celebrate my birthday, kuroe, kurayamihimitsu and I booked into the freetime zone (12-5am) at karaoke. I really like "Do Your Best" from Tenimyu because you can sing just about anything to that tune, including random songs that you mistyped the numbers to at 2am. kuroe managed to mistype an Ash song and programmed in "Battle Hymn of the Republic" by accident. Our version (at approximately 3am) included:

Glory, glory Hyoutei Gakuen!
Glory, glory Hyoutei Gakuen!
Glory, glory Hyoutei Gakuen!
His truth is marching on!
(Hail Atobe!)

We were pretty hyped up from DL4 still, I guess. But everyone thought I was strange for singing "Kandy Pop" by Bis in the same style as the original. No one remembers their early days, I guess...

Tonight I had yakiniku at Gyu-kaku with my parents-in-law because they're going off to Kyouto tomorrow.

Oh, and I bought a ticket to Airmyu... but it was rubbish! It was SUPPOSED to be one of the good seats, one of the ones you pay an extra 300 yen for. I don't understand how they work any more since I would have assumed that if you bought the more expensive tickets you would be guaranteed a first floor seat. Not so, apparently.

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