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I saw this survey in fanthropology and found it quite interesting. I don't think they'd be very interested in me as I'm a Brit currently living in Japan, but maybe someone else wants to fill it out.

Survey on loan words as used in anime fandoms

One thing that might surprise you about the foreign community in Japan is that random Japanese is more common and more accepted than any online community. I've said for ages that I'd love to do some kind of study on it (ever since I was on a train and overheard two guys saying "Let's meet on Mokuyoubi (Thursday)". It was bizarre -- why would you replace that word? I wanted to know more.) But it also turns up in professional publications. Take the following example:

Need I go into the eroticism inherent in the yukata? Everyone loves the idea of unwrapping a present, desho?

That last sentence is hideous. People will rant and rave if they find "fangirl Japanese" in fanfic, but it's perfectly acceptable if you use it in for-pay work in Japan. (Sentence taken from Metropolis, a well-known English magazine in Japan.)

I can completely understand replacing nouns or adjectives, particularly ones that don't have a direct translation. Oh, I'm totally pro-kawaii. I just don't understand replacing grammar unless it's 'ne?' because that's quicker than a full-blown English tag question. And yeah, it's kind of cute.

I didn't mean to write that much at all...!

This is an interesting newspaper article, linked by Miss Snark.

I went to a fantastic restaurant last night called Talat in Shimo-Kitazawa. Anyway, while it specialises in cheap Asian dishes, the main attractions are the bingo cards and the janken. When you first arrive, the waiter plays janken (a kind of rock, paper, scissors) with you to determine if you'll get free icecream (we did!). Then they give you a bingo card -- every drink you order gets you another number. We didn't win.
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