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12 April 2007 @ 00:50
Train came back from the vets today. Not only has he been spayed now, the vet has opened his eyes to have a look at them. They kind of look like open wounds, but you can see beautiful amber orbs (haha :)) underneath. They look like they might close up again though, which will be very sad. Despite his eyes, the vet says he still can't see.

This was posted in useless_facts. Although their politics are shite and most correspondents for them need a sound beating, the Daily Mail sure seems to know a cute cat story when it sees it.

One more cat link to a quality cat macro website. Interestingly, they posted a Japanese one and revealed that Japanese cats speak Kansai-ben and use "ore" to refer to themselves. Just like English cats, they can't spell either.

I'm finally back to downloading anime. Well, just a little. I wanted to see "Darker than Black" and "Bokura no". I'm getting the last one on the advice(?) of Rue. Well, not so much advice as the fact that he said "plot twist". And really, that's all you need to say to make me watch a series.

I want Skullmaaaaaan to come out soon. Just say that out loud. SKULLMAAAAAAAAAN!! It's about a man with a skull for a head. Awesome, I say, awesome.

It was my first day of training today in Shinjuku. When it rains, even Shinjuku is beautiful...
Daegaer: meow by vblackangelvdaegaer on 11th April 2007 13:05 (UTC)
Of *course* cats use "ore"! Especially girl cats.
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th April 2007 14:13 (UTC)
In the one example I saw, the cat used 「ヲレ」 which is VERY special indeed.
くらやみひみつ: Kya!kurayamihimitsu on 11th April 2007 13:18 (UTC)
nyaaaa i hope train is okay. *loves your kitty* its too bad the poor thing still can't see... but i'm not surprised..

eeee i hope your training went okay... i hafta start my soon for the school i'm gonna be in. *so excited that she got a job* they said not having a degree is fine since i'm not being sponsored for a work visa... so yay for me? XD <3 Did you have trouble getting around the Shinjuku station? *got lost again today* XD
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th April 2007 14:17 (UTC)
Yeah, he's fine. Very purry (ぷり!). He follows our hands though, sometimes. Maybe he has us all fooled.

Glad to hear the job's okay! When do you start and what's your schedule? Looks like we'll have the same days off though!
Sharon: Bakumatsu Soutetsusharona1x2 on 11th April 2007 14:56 (UTC)
Poor Train. He's lucky to have a family that loves him.
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th April 2007 15:42 (UTC)
Oh, he's fine. He's sleeping in my lap right now. :)
Starrie: tomorrowcrabsushi on 12th April 2007 02:49 (UTC)
mmmmmmm, kitties. ♥
That news article is cute! Like one of the comments said, it's nice to see a "light" article instead of the usual death/murder/destruction stuff once in a while.

Spammed my sister with the cat macros. Kansai-ben = hhhaaa.

Hope training went well~
yojichan: pokeyojichan on 12th April 2007 07:07 (UTC)

i checked the link and can i say the image that sez Early Aviation with the balloon tied to kitty is ANIMAL ABUSE?

NO. NO. NO. NO. and NO.


it's not cute. it's irresponsible and very dangerous. i can imagine that balloon getting pricked and the shock it will send towards the cat.

OMG! can anyone please untie the thing or better yet, i'm gonna grab me a pair of scissors and just cut the string from the kitty then untie the string from the kitty.