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12 April 2007 @ 03:20
I have the day off tomorrow! But that's because I agreed to work Saturday instead. Meh.

So I'm up late, watching anime and wrestling with codecs.

Bokura no (subs) [Triad]

Ushiro: Minagawa Junko-san
Kana: Asumi Kana-san
Kanji: Nojima Kenji-san
Machi: Sanpei Yuuko-san
Anko: Makino Yui-san
Komo: Noto Mamiko-san
Kirie: Asanuma Shintarou-san
Maki: Higa Kumiko-san
Moji: Miyata Kouki-san
Chizu: Takahashi Ao-san
Kako: Fujita Yoshinori-san
Nakama: Iguchi Yuka-san
Daichi: Sugita Tomokazu-san
Kodama: Hoshi Souichirou-san
Waku: Sakaguchi Daisuke-san
Kokopeli: Touchi Hiroki-san
Koemushi: Ishida Akira-san

The first one is "Bokura no", by the creator of "Narutaru" which Dark Horse seemingly bought and started to translate before realising exactly where the plot was headed. It's becomes pretty dark, or so I hear.

So what of "Bokura no"...? I already suspect everyone's doomed on some level, but there are only hints right now. Based on the first episode, I'm really excited about this series. I have little idea what's going on and that's just the way I like it. The opening theme is fantastic and although the anime dialogue is weak at first (way too expository), the plot is starting to shape up. I can't wait to hear the answers to the questions raised.

(As you can tell, I'm trying to avoid spoilers!)

My only qualm is with the cast numbers. No way am I going to remember all those names and personalities. Unless they don't last long. Hmm... But you do get to seiyuu-spot a lot. Minagawa Junko-san shines -- I love her voice! Not to mention that the so-obviously-creepy-he's-funny-guy is played by Abel Nightroad's voice actor, Touchi Hiroki-san.

So, I really think you should give this a go if you feel like mecha series that could take a turn for the disturbing. Looking forward to the next episode!

Darker Than Black (subs) [Mishicorp]

Hei: Kiuchi Hidenobu-san
In: Fukuen Misato-san
Mao: Sawaki Ikuya-san
Hwan: Ikeda Masaru-san
Mizuki Nana-san
Shimura Tomoyuki-san
Fukuda Nobuaki-san
Toriumi Kousuke-san
Inamura Yuuna-san
Ikemizu Michihiro-san
Sakamoto Chika-san

The opening really didn't grab me, although I'm very much in love with Kiuchi-san's voice. Although I'm surprised that his voice is more attractive when he's being a schoolboy tennis star that when he's being an assassin of some description. Funny how that works.

I can't help feel that this series out to have more dynamic shots, quicker movements and a better soundtrack. What is wrong with me? I was SO looking forward to this one.

Once I accepted that this wasn't the kind of show they advertised in their promo videos, I started to enjoy it. One of the best things is that they show central Tokyo in a lot of detail at street level. You can even see billboards for the company I work for! How cool is that? Lame, but it's like I live in the same world as the anime is set. Same feeling when I saw the logo in the Death Note movie (when they are on the train). I would even venture to say that I could tell you exactly where in Tokyo it was set -- a place I was today, in fact. Oh! There's even a short in a brand of coffee shop that I always avoid because it sucks (Dotour). IT'S COOL.

Not so keen about the dopey main character and his love interest. I mean, he rescues the female character HOW many times? I'm not interested in that kind of unequal romance. And I just don't care about what Keiyakusha and Dolls are and how it all works.

Overall, the plotting is pretty poor right now. I'm watching to see the Tokyo I know recreated in anime form and maybe to see more of Kiuchi-san's skill that I saw on Tennin no Oujisama. But if I didn't have enough space on my HD to see the rest, I don't think I'd be too upset.
strawberryjoy on 11th April 2007 19:47 (UTC)
...although I'm very much in love with Kiuchi-san's voice

Personally I still think his greates moment was as a snarky schoolboy footballer.^^
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th April 2007 05:49 (UTC)
Who does he play in that? I'm guessing... Shige?
strawberryjoy on 12th April 2007 17:32 (UTC)
Of course!
我が愛しき修羅: Excellent!bemysty on 11th April 2007 22:34 (UTC)
I can tell you that the exposition is about the same in the manga; in fact, I thought they improved a bit on it.

And yes, it will be *massively* twisted, although less so and especially less graphic than Narutaru. Kitoh seems to have learned from said disaster, and Bokurano is the stronger series for it :D

Mangascreener has the manga scanlated, I can recommend it.
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th April 2007 05:52 (UTC)
Ah, really? It seemed to improve after that, so let's hope they don't do more of it.

Narutaru a disaster...? Why, what happened? I'm sure it was a bit of a problem for Dark Horse, but they even made it into a an anime.
我が愛しき修羅: Girogiro ondobemysty on 12th April 2007 21:05 (UTC)
Caution, babble ahead
As I said, I think Bokurano is very good :D *avid reader*

As for Narutaru... as far as I'm aware, the only foreign edition which was actually concluded was the German one; DH is not considering publishing any more volumes past what's out and Glenat cancelled after only two volumes.

And the German edition was, eventually, a massive loss for the company; at 3000 units sold tops per volume, they probably lost a five-digit sum per volume published, especially considering they only put the price up once and it went over the counter for the average price then (original price, pre-Euro was 10 DM, price past-Euro was upped to 6,50). To even be able to satisfy the fans of the series (i.e. not cancelling), they had to move the schedule back to once every nine or ten months, if that. It took them nearly six years to put out all volumes, and the series only has 12. I think the only reason they *didn't* cancel is that it was a pet project of the company's head; he's put through a few projects like that (which is why they are pretty much the only company I still buy series from, despite their often abysmal print quality).

I've also read rumours that partially because of the problems with overseas publishers Kitoh was forced to conclude the series earlier than he'd intended, but I really can't recall where that was... 2ch, probably.

As for the anime, I think it only came to frutition by *massively* tuning down the graphic bits and pieces... and it wasn't particularly good in any way, shape or form, so...
百加☆nitaspitas on 12th April 2007 00:31 (UTC)
yay for seiyuu spotting! I love how in a cast with an almost equal number of guys and girls, Minagawa-san still plays a boy. *see Unihabited Planet Survive* (btw, did you mean her instead of Yuki Kaida? I wish Kaida-san was also in the cast... XP)
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th April 2007 05:54 (UTC)
Oops! Yeah, I did. Seems that they're in the same category in my mind.
百加☆nitaspitas on 12th April 2007 14:18 (UTC)
heh, mine, too, so I knew who you meant :P
Starrie: coffeecrabsushi on 12th April 2007 02:59 (UTC)
Thanks for the torrent link~ I watched "Bokura no" and enjoyed it muchly. XD Ahhh~ If only I had cable TV at my apartment so I could watch something besides news and variety shows.
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th April 2007 06:20 (UTC)
Lucky! I don't even have a TV! ;_;
Starrie: crackedcrabsushi on 12th April 2007 06:21 (UTC)
Steal one! ^o_o^