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This calls for... THE ICON!

It's almost nothing that we didn't already know, although you can see an outline of all the characters. One has a little top hat, it seems! What IS different is that they're asking for seiyuu suggestions!

Slightly new character info. Translation follows.

The seiyuu are still to be announced. There's a good chance we'll accept your recommendations!
* More details here *


Currently under investigation
Further information to come


A cameraman who's living with AYA [Note: see previous note regarding translation of the word they're using.].

[Note: The following is a translation of the form which you can fill in for KURO. If you would like to use it and only know a little Japanese, I might be able to help.]

Your name (Pen names are okay too):
Your e-mail address:
The seiyuu you imagine for this character:
Predictions and recommendations for this character:

Concerning your seiyuu predictions:

We are now introducing the characters from VELVET UNDER WORLD, even though they are almost entirely wrapped in darkness.

However, we -- VELVET KINGDOM -- are investigating those names and faces and have gradually started to reveal them.

Unfortunately, we have only barely caught sight of their features and cannot continue our investigations. In order to continue, we need the help of everyone reading this.

We investigators need top secret information about their voices, because their appearance might give you some ideas. Please contact us and report the names of those that are closest to what you can imagine from their appearance.

Everyone's report is important to us and will be safely stored in the VELVET KINGDOM database for consultation from now on. We await your communication.

[Note: Koyasu-sama = ♥]
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