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21 April 2007 @ 16:43
I got a very serious letter from MMV today that said the Airmyu cast was undergoing a reshuffle. I hope Kenta is okay...

Ikki: Kamiyama Ryuuji-san (上山竜司さん, Romeo's actor)
Romeo: Yonehara Kousuke-san (米原幸佑さん, Hamlet's actor)
Hamlet: Yanagisawa Takahiko-san (栁澤貴彦さん, Muromachi in Tenimyu)
くらやみひみつ: Endless Sleep...kurayamihimitsu on 21st April 2007 08:24 (UTC)
yeah, it was kenken who was hospitalized. No one knows what happened, his manager posted on his blog telling fans that he would no longer be in Airmyu or DL4 Osaka run or doing any of his voice acting roles until he recovers (apparantly its going to be a long recovery too since they are still diagnosing..)
It´s all about passion.mishi_chan on 21st April 2007 09:30 (UTC)
thank you for the information.