William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Today I walked to Ikebukuro and back again in order to buy some shoes for work and some shirts. I now have a short-sleeved linen shirt from UNIQLO that I can wear at the school. I also have indoor shoes from ABC Mart for wearing in the building.

So, in that respect, the day was a success.

What was made of fail is that I haven't been able to write at all today. I keep starting in my notebook and then scribbling it out because it's rubbish.

So, the characters are all at a drinking party, but none of them are there to party. Please answer these questions in the hope that they might jiggle something loose?

Poll #971115 Party!

Are you usually...

...the first person to leave a party?
...the last person to leave a party?
...the person that shows up only to make a token appearance?
...the person that needs to be carried out and sent home in a taxi?
Depends on the party!

Any particular reason for that?

Coffee jelly ("Jello" for Americans) in a can?

Sounds interesting...

I really did see the canned coffee jelly today, but I didn't try it.

Maybe I'll just try and download some anime tonight.

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