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Bokura no #2 [Subs, Triad]

Very mixed feelings. Koemushi appeared in this episode. At first, I hated him because his voice seemed wrong and the series seemed to have no place for a mascot. But then, I realised how creepy he is and that mouth...! Somehow, he fits. Ishida Akira-san really needs to sounds creepier, though. I know he can do it!

I had issues with the rest of the episode because it was such an info dump. One of the characters (Waku?) is telling his life story to Ushiro and the other boy is just nodding because he knows all that stuff. So he didn't need to repeat it. There's also a scene that seems to go on forever with everyone just talking.

One of the most incredible bits was at the end. Waku gets nudged a bit and just falls off the giant robot. In one careless action, one of them is already dead. Two episodes in and you've already started to smash my heart to pieces "Bokura no". Congratulations! :)

Triad do a very good job of subbing. I really like the fact that they don't superimpose their own logo over the anime's logo with a litle "presented by..." tag. It really bugs me when groups do that. Overall, their translation is spot on, too. The only problem I have is a slight case of translating too much. Like casual Japanese is translated into American slang and also one of the character's names (Koemushi became "Dung Beetle"). But they never get anything wrong.

Still tentatively reccing this.

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