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23 April 2007 @ 19:02
Thank you very much for the virtual flowers, yohjideranged! That's the first time anyone's sent me an LJ v-gift, so I'm delighted! :)

Velvet Under World characters have been updated... and you won't BELIEVE who's in there...!

Check it out now!


He always has a thermomemeter in his mouth. He's an authority on computers.


A lively boy. Although he's embarrassed about it, he's an expert in the manuafacture of explosives and bombs.

So that would be Pawn from Crashers, right? And... a thermometer in his mouth at all times? WTF, Koyasu?

I need more VUW icons -- any caption ideas? :)

EDIT: I completely forgot the OP song is "ALTERNATIVE". Is that a clue, do you think?
reichsfreiherr on 23rd April 2007 10:31 (UTC)
I have no idea what the series is about but seeing as Black Jack’s younger brother and Kamui seem to be included on the end there, I’m almost curious.
William: Velvet Under World: Desperate For More Wgenkischuldich on 23rd April 2007 10:39 (UTC)
I don't know how much you've read so far, but basically it's a new series conjured up the master of crack, Koyasu Takehito. However, he named it after the most famous song from Weiss, dropped hints about the relevence of that and included a main character called Aya whom he is voicing. The pieces all add up, but we're not sure where they lead.

Now he's added a young boy called Pawn who's an expert in explosives who seems very similar to Pawn from Crashers, a Weiss Kreuz spin-off, who was a young boy who was an expert on explosives.

reichsfreiherr on 23rd April 2007 10:54 (UTC)
I’ve only seen the first series and the OVAs and having recovered from yelling "Why aren’t you dead yet!" at the OVAs, started watching Glühen... and then it went away. Though I probably should have stuck around for the potential of badly dressed Schwarz and more Yoji derangement.
As far as absurd goes, I’m still holding out for a Takarazuka Trinity Blood musical, just for the horrified reactions it’d be bound to provoke.
The Devil's handmaiden: murasakiseraphim_grace on 23rd April 2007 11:40 (UTC)
i can't get the pictures to work, I can work out dry from the thermometer in his mouth but which one's pawn? part of me is remembering just how badly he was dressed and thinking willy wonka

i've had a theory maybe this isn't a continuation, maybe it's a reimagining
you know how the evil dead was remade as the evil dead 2 by the same people and the two had very little in common, but both were wonderful but completely seperate entities using the same characters location and basic idea
what if this is what it is
what if it's a reimagining - an evil dead 2 as it were.

let me know if you see a chainsaw. snicker.

Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd April 2007 11:50 (UTC)
Pawn is the short kid with a strange kind of hat with tassels standing close to Aya. Not Willy Wonka! :)

I really don't know how the whole thing works -- somehow it fits together, but I'm not sure how. A WK AU, maybe?
The Devil's handmaiden: cain boysnextdoorseraphim_grace on 23rd April 2007 11:53 (UTC)
no, i'm sticking to the reimagining theory, you know how they take the same idea and make something completely different but still the same, basically

I'm trying to think if there was another example, but coming up blank
the evil dead is a great example, the first one is scary and was banned, the second one is hilarious and a cult classic but they're he same story, basically, of a man who reads from a book and summons the forces of hell to a cabin in the woods, it's everything else that's different (suddenly craving an evil dead movie marathon)
and that's what I'm thinking

this is kind of "what if aya was persia" and rather than having weiss what if he had subcontractors........ but he doesn't remember
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd April 2007 12:02 (UTC)
That's pretty much still an AU to me, which covers everything (to me) from "Weiss are vampires/in high school" to "What if Aya joined Schwarz in the begininng?". ^^
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd April 2007 12:05 (UTC)
This is the same character. Even if it's not, it's STILL the same character. Err... if that makes sense.

Yeah... It's like an official AU, isn't it?

I NEED to see more characters, particularly Willy Wonka.
Owen: Twins&Tamaki [..now.you.may.panic..]kidboomerang on 23rd April 2007 12:28 (UTC)


Okay. Done now.


William: Velvet Under World: Desperate For More Wgenkischuldich on 23rd April 2007 12:32 (UTC)
Re: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I missed you. :)
Owen: Twins [..ZOMG!..]kidboomerang on 23rd April 2007 12:37 (UTC)
Re: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's PAWN. It's PAWN.


aaaauuuuggghhhhhh it's PAWN.

Even a re-imagining of Pawn is STILL aaaauuuuuggghhhh.

I need an icon.
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd April 2007 12:41 (UTC)
Re: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It IS Pawn, isn't it? Even if the series has nothing to do with WK, he's been taken and plonked down in the middle of a new series and he's STILL Pawn.
Owen: Rikichi [..zomg.happy.puppy..]kidboomerang on 23rd April 2007 12:45 (UTC)
Re: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's Pawn with marginally better fashion sense, but DEFINITELY still Pawn.
Owen: Kyou [..Winter.Born..]kidboomerang on 23rd April 2007 12:36 (UTC)
Icon. Yes. Need icon NOW. Aw man. AW MAN. Damn you, Koyasu, recycling one of my favorite characters, now I HAVE to be utterly obsessed with this.
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd April 2007 12:39 (UTC)
Re: .............
now I HAVE to be utterly obsessed with this.

Err... it's a little too late for that now, isn't it? :)
Owen: Pawn [..same.bad.fashion.sense..]kidboomerang on 23rd April 2007 13:34 (UTC)
Re: .............
Yes. Yes, it is.
菖蒲eye_ame on 23rd April 2007 16:47 (UTC)
Great icon!
And very true :)
菖蒲eye_ame on 23rd April 2007 12:50 (UTC)
Pawn?! OMFG.
Williamgenkischuldich on 23rd April 2007 12:55 (UTC)
The plot thickens. I mean, there's reusing characters and there's REUSING CHARACTERS. This is the latter.

Once again, okay for Russian translation if you desire it. :) I wonder what they'll make of this...!
菖蒲eye_ame on 23rd April 2007 16:44 (UTC)
May I just ask a permission for translating VUV news by default? ;))

The plot thickens, yes, and the Russian fandom is guessing :) I can see half of the people saying "We don't want a WK AU" and the other half saying "We want anything Weiss!" :)))

Thanks for sharing again!!
ningengirai on 23rd April 2007 13:11 (UTC)
I wonder if it's going to be as cracktastic as WK. I mean, WK was so... bad, but you still ended up caring about the characters. So far, looking at the cast, there isn't a single one who really piques my interest. :/
The Devil's handmaiden: gargh - from the covenant - sebastian stseraphim_grace on 23rd April 2007 14:14 (UTC)
i really like the lady costumes, but i always was a bit strange.

must have velvet underworld icons
and is the fact that one of them is called velvet meaningful?
or has he been reading david eddings and decided to steal the lady spy who kept a snake down her bosom?
パイロチャン 「Pyrochan」: nagi-brad-ukepyroh on 23rd April 2007 15:17 (UTC)
Yeah, this has got to be an AU. I mean...it's Pawn. He could have gotten away with just Aya (okay, no he couldn't have :P ), but now he's just making it more obvious. In a very slow agonizing way.

Oh, and better a thermometer than a cigarette? ^^; In my opinion, at least. Koyasu gets points for originality wtf-ness.
菖蒲eye_ame on 23rd April 2007 16:46 (UTC)

*thinking* Aya x Pawn = OTP?!
thirdshade on 23rd April 2007 15:33 (UTC)
yoinkmyspleen on 23rd April 2007 22:48 (UTC)
Aw hell, if this isn't Weiss, Koyasu has had some kind of bizarre memory lapse.